"Point Blank" Review: One Time Watch For Your Sunday Thrill

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 24, 2019

Actors Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie has given a finest performance in the 86 minutes film.

Point Blank is a remake of the French Film Point Blank. The film released on Netflix stars Frank Grillo, Christian Cooke, Maurkice Moore, Anthony Mackie, Marcia Gay Harden. Director Joe Lynch has managed to successfully establish the thriller sequence.

The story portrays a fugitive, Abe Guevara (Frank Grillo) who runs for his life after murdering the Assistant DA (Adam.G.Simon). He awaits his brother Mateo (played by Christian Cooke) as he is also on the run to rescue him.

But Abe accidentally is knocked down by a vehicle during the run. Injured Abe is wheeled to the hospital by the medics and is being treated by Paul Booker (Anthony Mackie) under heavy security.

Point Blank

Meanwhile, Mateo kidnaps Paul's wife Taryn (Teyonah Parris) and now its Paul's duty to acquire safe exit for Abe to reach Mateo. The chase for a USB drive is essential which contains information about dirty cops.

Point Blank director Lynch's background in horror does mean he stages some shock moments of gore with finesse but the action is largely pedestrian and hampered by some ill-fitting 80s music choices. Maurkice Moore (Big D) the gangster has played a fantastic role.

The entire 86 minutes film has been taken on brilliantly on the shoulders of Anthony Mackie with his finest acting skills.

Every character makes this flick worth watching. The plot is brilliantly balanced to the best of the cast’s ability. One could wonder, why to make a male nurse the lead protagonist, but they are most susceptible to becoming victims in cases such as these, especially in regions where the crime rates skyrocket, delivering viewers to the much-needed adrenaline rush.

Overall a balanced film for Netflix.

STARBIZ rating: 2.5/5


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