Lupin Netflix - A Rising Star Or Just A French Version Of “Money Heist”?

Leela Adwani |Jan 18, 2021

Among a host of rising stars, Lupin Netflix is currently one of the hottest series on this giant streaming platform.

It would not be an overstatement to say Netflix is now packed with a plethora of films and series. There are numerous options to choose from during the seemingly never-ending lockdown. Among a host of rising stars, Lupin Netflix is currently one of the hottest series on this giant streaming platform.

Lupin Netflix Poster
Lupin is available on Netflix from 8 January 2021

Lupin Netflix review

It goes without saying that the French-language web series Lupin is taking the world by storm. Reviews about the series are being flooded on the Internet. The viewers, both the critics and the normal audiences, can’t wait to express their feelings after watching the first part of the series.

Lupin Netflix Scene
The first scene of the series

Lupin Netflix contains a lot of twists that you can hardly predict before. That surely keeps you on the edge of your seat and unable to skip any second of the series. In a nutshell, the story revolves around a professional thief named Assane Diop. He is the only son of a refugee from Senegal who decided to immigrate to France with the hope of a better life for Assane.

His father worked as a personal driver for the wealthy man Hubert Pellegrini but was later in jail for the theft of Pellegrini’s diamond necklace.

Lupin Netflix Scene 2
Asssane Diop outside Louvre museum

The unfortunate man was found hanging himself in the prison and left his teenage son Assane an orphan. 25 years later, the teenager Assane now becomes more mature and ready to get revenge on the Pellegrinis. He is inspired by the gentleman and genius thief Arsene Lupin who is the main character from a book Assane’s late father gave him as a birthday gift.

Using the mastery of thievery in the book and his own intelligence, charisma, Diop tries to expose the crimes of Hubert Pellegrini.

Lupin Netflix is currently one of the most recommended series to binge-watch. Containing uncountable turns and twists along with the fine performance of Omar Sy a.k.a Assane Diop, the series is eminently watchable.

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Lupin Netflix part 2

That may raise a few eyebrows but just days after it started streaming on the giant OTT platform, the series has quickly climbed up the top 10 chart. The 10-episode show has two parts. Part one ends in a cliffhanger situation where Assane’s son Raoul is kidnapped by the man working for Hubert.

Everything is unsolved, Assane is yet to knock his enemy down. That’s why one of the most asked about is around Lupin Netflix part 2. Here is everything we have known so far.

Lupin Netflix Part 2
Part 2 is expected to release this year

The second installment of the show is likely to release soon even though Netflix is yet to make any official announcement. However, on the series’ page, you will see they wrote “Part 1.” That might hint at more parts will be produced in the future.

The makers haven't announced the Lupin Netflix release date for part 2 yet but hopefully, part 2 will hit the OTT platform later this year. Speculations are rife that the next part could premiere around April or July based on the releases of other hot series on Netflix.

Lupin Cast

Omar Sy

The series will be less successful if it lacks Omar Sy who portrays the role of Assane Diop successfully. The 42-year-old French actor has appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters including, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Jurassic World.

Omar Sy
Omar Sy appeared in several Hollywood movies

However, he truly shot to fame after the role of Assane Diop in Lupin Netflix. In fact, his parents are also immigrants from Africa. His dad worked in a factory while his mom was a house-cleanser. Sy’s background seems to match with Assane Diop and that’s why he can display his character’s spirit properly.

Ludivine Sagnier

She plays the role of Assane’s wife. They meet each other at high school, become soul mates, and finally parents to a boy.

Ludivine Sagnier
Ludivine Sagnier plays the role of Assane's wife

Ludivine Sagnier, in real life, was born on July 3, 1979. She is an actress and a model who started her acting career in the year 1989.

Hervé Pierre

Playing an antagonist role, Hervé Pierre portrays the role of Hubert Pellegrini who is the main culprit behind the revenge of Assane.

Hubert Pellegrini Lupin Serie
The man who changes the life of Assane Diop

It’s safe to say Lupin Netflix is highly recommended on many social media groups. Fans are getting crazy with the charm, the gentlemen, and the intelligence of Assane Diop. Stream or skip it is still your decision but we must say it’s worth watching.

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