Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes: Nemetic Masterminds With Timeless Charms That Stay Iconic Both On Paper & Small Screens

Salena Harshini |Jan 17, 2021

Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes remains the most debatable and intriguing topic among detective genre lovers. Who is better between the two? More deets inside.

Lupin and Sherlock Holmes are the most worshipped characters in the world of detective novels and movies. While Sherlock Holmes has been relived in a lot of films, plays, and series, Lupin is no less in terms of popularity. For the unknown, the new Lupin series is trending all over the world recently.

Lupin Vs Holmes
Lupin and Sherlock Holmes have always been put on a scale

So, let’s see why Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes have such immense influence on every generation and why they are constantly compared to each other.

Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes in movies

  • Lupin in movies

Arsène Lupine is a fictional character in the detective novel series by French detective writer Maurice Leblanc (1864 - 1941). He was a famous author of the same contemporary with Sherlock Holmes’s father Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 - 1930).

Many people believe that Lupine was built on the image of Marius Jacob - a real-life notorious thief mastermind in France. Arsène Lupine is a well-dressed super thief, a noble one who steals from the rich while hiding in the shadow as an extravagant man.

Lupin has inspired a lot of live-action and animated movies ever since the 1930s. However, it is the newest version in 2021 that attracted the most attention. The Netflix original Lupin movie focuses on a man idolizing the master of disguise and seeking ways to avenge his father.

The first season has been released in early January this year.

  • Sherlock Holmes in movies

Sherlock Holmes has been made into many works. Meanwhile, its most famous live-action versions are Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law starrer, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s series.

Both motion picture versions successfully depict the private detective who can uncover any myth with his razor-sharp minds.

However, the version that stars British actor Cumberbatch seems to have more influence. The 4-season series has a rating of 9.1/10 on IMDb and 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sherlock Holmes Live Actions
Apparently, nothing has beat these two Sherlock Holmes versions

Sherlock always has his best friend and assistant John Watson by his side. As Lupin and Sherlock Holmes are the smartest characters in the detective movie history, the Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes comparison becomes even more intriguing.

Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes in books

An individual who loves reading Sherlock Holmes would find it impossible to ignore the equally talented character, Arsène Lupin. Arsène Lupin has a judgmental mind, on-par sensibility, and ability with Sherlock Holmes.

Lupin 1
Lupin is the righteous thief

However, unlike the publicity of justice defender Sherlock Holmes, Arsène Lupin is more sly, ambiguous, troublesome, and much more complicated. Lupine does justice in a different way. He condemns the rich, helps the poor with their money and possessions.

Arsène Lupine is a character comparable to other characters such as Conan Doyle's Holmes, Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot.

Sherlock Holmes In Books
Meanwhile, Sherlock Holmes is the protector of justice

Arsène Lupin and Sherlock Holmes are described as a flame and a drop of water. This is for Lupin holds the vibrant, glamorous appearance of Paris - the splendor of the capital of Light, while people can see the coldness of the misty city in Sherlock.

The two fictional characters of the same period, Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes, still attract a plethora of readers and deeply inspire talented directors around the world.

They are almost different in everything, from their scope of activity, personality to purposes. However, there are two things in common between them: they are superior even to the investigative police and hold mammoth hidden charms.

The French series, inspired by the gentleman thief

Much of Sherlock Holmes's elegant, assertive investigations took place in London and surrounding areas. The set is between 1886 and 1904, imbued with the flourishing Victorian era.

In contrast, the missions of Lupin - the stylish, pompous, pampering thief - focused mainly in Paris, France. They take place in the Belle Époque era.

Both characters exist in a world with their own rules of the game. However, they share the same attitude towards the very bureaucratic, mechanical, and ineffective institutions of the law.

Lupin vs Sherlock Holmes and their parallel charms

In terms of the image nature, both Holmes and Lupine are symbols of the national spirit. They are closely related to the preservation of national interests and national pride.

Despite their differences in purpose, action, and many other perspectives, the literary figures of Arsene Lupin and Sherlock Holmes have irrefutable appeal to fans.

Sherlock Holmes
Lupin and Sherlock Holmes has a parallel charm that can hardly be explained

The reader can completely see these two images being recreated in the battle of intelligence of detective Conan and gentleman thief Kaito Kid in the Japanese manga series Detective Conan by author Aoyama Gōshō.

Moreover, realizing how the comparison of Sherlock Holmes vs Lupin has always been a curiosity-trigger, even a book was made upon this idea.

Arsène Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes was written by Maurice Leblanc and published in 1910. It is a semi-parody on Sherlock Holmes by the author of Arsène Lupin's series.

With their similarly witty charms and unmatched great minds, Lupin and Sherlock Holmes will forever stay a huge material for research to mankind.

Lupin Netflix Scene
Lupin and Sherlock Holmes are the endless inspiration for motion picture and literature

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