Top Web Series Like Money Heist Enough To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Leela Adwani |May 27, 2020

While we are waiting for the release of the next installment, here is the list of web series like Money Heist that is bound to make you get hooked.

Filled with suspense, drama, crime, and a bit of romance, the Spanish series Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has been creating a buzz among the film lovers community. The Netflix show is full of unpredictable twists and turns and it is mostly guaranteed you will get hooked after the very first episode. At the end of season 4, we see the Professor and his gang are hanging on by a hair and the information about season 5 is yet to announce. While we are waiting with bated breath for the release of the next installment, here is the list of web series like Money Heist that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Web Series Like Money Heist 1
Web Series Like Money Heist

The crime series revolves around the story about a group of charming thieves in Spain. The latest release season four didn’t disappoint the audiences as usual. However, there is no confirmation from the make about a potential season 5 return.

Check out our compilation of web series like Money Heist:

Prison Break

If you are into the relatively nerve-racking scenes in Money Heist, then you may like Prison Break which is touted as a legend. Time is the most important thing in both these shows. Meanwhile, the main storyline is also quite similar.

Web Series Like Money Heist 2
One of the best web series of all time

If in Money Heist we see the cat and mouse game between The Professor and Inspector Raquel who later becomes a part of the gang, in Prison Break that chase is also very apparent between Michale Scofield and Inspector Mahone.

The Lord of the Skies

The list of web series like Money Heist cannot complete without mentioning The Lord of the Skies or original title El Señor de los Cielos. The series is based on the real-life of the former ringleader of the Mexican drug cartel – Juarez Cartel.

Web Series Like Money Heist 3
You might spend your whole weekend to binge-watch this show

In fact, the award-winning series is more dramatic than La Casa de Papel as it’s a telenovela. However, if you are in search of a crime series with similar levels of action, it could be your next cup of tea.

Breaking Bad

The Professor of Money Heist keeps his personal information hidden and the same happens with Walter White in Breaking Bad. The show is around the story of a chemistry teacher of a high school. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, he starts cooking and selling meth with the support of Jessie Pinkman. By doing so, he hopes to secure the financial situation of his family in the future.

Web Series Like Money Heist 4
A lot of similarities you can find in this series but it's enough to make you get hooked

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The Netflix series revolves around a war veteran David Budd whose task is to protect a home secretary Julia Montague. In the first place, the six-episode show appears to be about the relationship between Montague and Budd only but the themes of corruption and terrorism between the police and secret service eventually unfold.

Web Series Like Money Heist 5
The political action drama is also worth watching


Another web series like Money Heist also worth a watch is none other than Ozark. Other than being similar to the Spanish series in terms of a twisty crime drama, Ozark is also like a show molded in the vein of series Breaking Bad.

Web Series Like Money Heist 6
The accountant and his family

Accountant Marty Byrde does the books for a drug lord in Mexico. However, when his money-laundering scheme goes wrong, the family of four is forced to flee as he now owes a giant debt for the cartel. His wife named Wendy then becomes his partner in crime.


The gripping series revolves around the developments of a cocaine trade taking place in Colombia. The show chronicles hoe drug lord Pablo Escobar could rise to power before his demise. The series is set in the backdrop of late 1980s.

Web Series Like Money Heist 7
the real life of a drug lord


In fact, Fargo cannot become a national series as it’s not everyone’s favorite but if you are a fan of Money Heist, you might like this show. It has 3 seasons that are based on different murder stories. It’s an American black comedy crime drama and inspired by the eponymous film in the year 1996.

Web Series Like Money Heist 8
You might be also into this series

High Seas

Last but not least in the list of web series like Money Heist is hands downs High Seas. It’s not far off the mark to say post the overwhelming success of super hit La Casa de Papel, Spanish films and shows have grabbed more eyeballs from international audiences. High Seas is a case in point.

Web Series Like Money Heist 9
A lot of plot twists in the show

The crime fiction drama is about the mysterious deaths occurring on a high-end ship traveling from Spain to Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro. Two sisters from Spain on this journey find themselves tangled up with these murders. With two seasons, the series has many dramatic twists.

Even though we don’t when Netflix will release season 5 of Money Heist, hope with web series like Money Heist list will help you beat the blues while waiting for the next season of your favorite show.

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