The Most Special Puthandu Of Lifetime – A 100% Indoor Tamil New Year 2020

Hanima Anand |Apr 14, 2020

See how the coronavirus pandemic has turned the celebration of Tamil New Year an all indoor activity which may not be experienced twice in one’s lifetime.

Unlike the celebration of Puthandu other years, Tamil New Year 2020 is a very special occasion when every activity is done indoor. A simple meal, sincere talks or one-off gatherings online are what made it a memorable Puthandu.

Tamil New Year 2020 Meal
The colorful and diverse recipes in a Tamil New Year meal.

To Tamil communities, the most important thing for new year celebration this year might be their health. All people pray the best for their families’ well-being as well as the safety of all societies. That’s why many big activities to celebrate Tamil New Year are put aside, giving way to more modest acts which can be done completely indoor.

Kamakshi Subramaniyan, a 92-year-old woman in Besant Nagar remembered Puthandu celebrations in previous years when she visited pagodas, prepared big feast for family gatherings and did many other things. This year, she plans to make pachadi and that’s it.

Tamil New Year Worship Places
Many people will miss this scene now when all worship places are closed during lockdown.

No more lunch with vada and payasam, “this year, I’m going to have to make do with oats porridge instead of payasam,” Kamakshi laughs.

Usually at this time, relatives would gather in her house, some drawing kolam at the gate, some cooking vada while others are laughing at some new year’s jokes.

Kolam Tamil New Year
Kolam design is usually drawn on the entrance of Tamil houses.

But all those festive activities are replaced with a sincere day of self-celebration. This elder woman will enjoy the most quiet and peaceful Puthandu ever.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t in connection with her family members.

“It is going to be a different New Year this time… I will have all my relatives call me on the phone through the day.”

Tamil New Year 2020
For many people, this simple Tamil new year is a relief.

Tamil New Year 2020 is also a relief to many women or those stressed with overload preparation. Instead of preparing a number of dishes in all kinds of tastes or rushing to buy this or that for a flawless celebration, this year, everyone can enjoy their true new year from inside.

We will have time to reflect what we did last year and make resolution for a better new year.

Tamil New Year Puthandu 2020
A peaceful Puthandu, a time for self-reflection and a chance to embrace life values.

Guess this chance will not come without the unexpected visit of the pandemic.

Clearly, the outbreak of coronavirus is posing threats to various people on Earth, but if we look at the bright side, it comes with some positive effects as well. Humans understand more the values of nature, of their own life and now can have precious time for their forgotten abilities.

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