The Deadly Coronavirus To Human Bringing More Lives To Earth, Check Adorable Pics Of Nature Rebirth

Leela Adwani |Apr 07, 2020

We are here to point out the positive effects of Coronavirus, especially on the environment. This post will make you think twice before condemning the pandemic.

Every day social media and news channels are flooded with negatives about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and perhaps that is understandable in times of a global crisis.

Originated from Wuhan, China, this novel virus has swept the globe in more than 200 countries with over 1.2 million confirmed cases and nearly 70,000 deaths. Yes, COVID-19 is changing the routine of millions of people across the world. However, while we are all aware of the negative sides of Coronavirus on humankind, it, in fact, has rather unexpected positive effects on the environment.

Nature During Lockdown
The pandemic to human granted wildlife a rebirth.

Since the lockdown order was imposed in a lot of countries to curb the spread of the virus, people are staying home and working from home. Think about a halt on the productions of many kinds of products, social distance, and less travel, we are here to point out the positive effects of Coronavirus, especially on the environment.

Wildlife In Uk During Lockdown
These adorable citizens are exploring UK streets, peacefully.


Some researches show that the closure of thousands of factories in China in the past two months makes the sky almost completely clear again.

  •  Lowered pollution level

Little do we know that transport accounts for 23% of the global carbon emissions. Though thanks to the nationwide lockdown in many countries and airports closing, a lot fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants are emitted.

And you know the result of this? 7 million of premature deaths linked to air pollution are prevented annually.

Postive Effects Of Coronavirus
Satellite picture shows a dramatic drop in pollution

Not just this, it not only led to less air pollution but the quality has significantly improved also. The good news is that the ozone layer is recovering and cooling down itself.

  • Sea turtles lay millions of eggs on an Indian beach, and more

One of the positive effects of coronavirus can be seen in India. As the entire country is going into a 21-day lockdown due to the increasing confirmed cases (update live statistics here), along the coast of Odisha, more than 475000 Olive Ridley sea turtles which are an endangered species come ashore and lay eggs.

Postive Effects Of Coronavirus
Newly hatched sea turtles swarm the beach

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Animals Reclaim Nature During Lockdown
Wildlife are reclaiming their habitats during the mass lockdown.
Leopard On City Street
Imagine what will happen if this guy appears at the presence of humans? He's not afraid now.
  • Clearer Venice canals

Venice is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Italy and this country is also suffering from some of the worst COVID-19 cases with the highest number of death tolls in the world.

Postive Effects Of Coronavirus 2
The water is so clean that people can see fish during the lockdown in Venice, Italy

However, recently, pictures showing Venice with crystal clear waters are doing the round on the Internet. After locking down the entire country, with no tourists flocking into this place, Venice becomes more beautiful and peaceful than ever.


Consumption quarantine

The positive effects of coronavirus can be seen right in your home. As most people are currently working from home, of course, they tend to use less plastic, shop less, travel less and print less. Needless to say, this change in daily habits helps contribute to enhancing environmental quality.

Besides, when it comes to exercise and nutrition, people start making more conscious choices.

Postive Effects Of Coronavirus 3
People are making more conscious choices

Time for reflection

No time is better than now to self-reflect. As we suddenly have a bunch of time to think more carefully before giving any decision. If we have to buy something, then use this time to wonder whether it’s really necessary and what we value.

Quarantine is also a perfect occasion that we can spend more time with our family and for ourselves.

Postive Effects Of Coronavirus 4
We can spend more quality time with our kids

Reading favorite books, doing yoga, and preparing delicious meals for our near and dear ones are some of the great ideas you can do while staying home.

Other than the negatives of this novel virus which are affecting almost all aspects of our life, why don’t we look at the positive effects of coronavirus and hope that one day this crisis will end?

What do you think? Please leave your comment below!

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