Most Emotional Love Stories Of Doctors In Wuhan, The Frontline Of The Covid-19 Outbreak

Rose Advani |Feb 15, 2020

The world now get emotional with many heartwarming love stories of doctors in Wuhan, the front line of the Covid-19 outbreak. The nurse Chen Ying and boyfriend kissed each other through glass wearing masks. And more adorable moments!

Have you had a happy Valentine’s Day? On this special day, the couples give each other a sweet kiss, warm hugs,  lovely gifts, and enjoy the most precious moment of love! Meanwhile, in Wuhan, doctors, and people there have been fighting against the Coronavirus. Today, we temporarily forget the sorrow things at the front line of the Covid-19 outbreak.  There are also romantic love stories of doctors that melting all hearts.

A viral photo of the nurse Chen Ying and her boyfriend

Recently, the photo of the nurse Chen Ying and her boyfriend kissing each other through the glass with a mask was shared quickly in social networks and went viral within a short period. The adorable pic has warmed all hearts of the world.

The couple planned to get married on this Valentine's Day

Chen and her boyfriend had planned to tie a knot on Feb 14; however, a sudden Covid-19 outbreak changed everything. As a young and enthusiastic nurse, Chen applied to fight the epidemic at the front line and postponed her wedding. She shared:

Screenshot 3

Though her family did not support her to return Wuhan to fight against the outbreak and cure the infected patients, Chen decided to be one of the first batch of medical staff working as a front line medical worker that means she will be an isolation area.

Deep red marks on Chen Ying's face for wearing mask for a long time (Source:

After hearing about the decision, her boyfriend Huang Qianrui tried to go to the hospital where she worked to see her through the glass. They have never met within 11 days. They talked to each other through glass using an intercom

Huang said:

Screenshot 2

Their eyes were turning red from the tears. That moment made all of us can not keep our tears falling.

For Chen’s decision, Huang gives her his unconditional support and promised that the wedding will take place as soon as the outbreak was over. Then they kissed each other through the class.

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A-minute meeting of Xing Zengchen and Qu Jiangyue

Xing Zengchen and Qu Jiangyue are nurses in different hospitals. On February 10, Xing Zengchen specially brought food for his girlfriend Qu Jiangyue. She was from the People's Hospital of Hainan Province and unable to leave the quarantine area due to taking care of novel corona patients.

Qu Jiangyue waved to goodbye Xing Zengchen (Source: Chinanews)

For the safety of her boyfriend, Qu Jiangyue asked him to put down the food bag on the ground and step back. Later, she quickly picked up the bag and waved goodbye to him. The meeting is only a minute.

The couple had a relationship for 2 years and Xing Zengchen plans to propose her when the epidemic is over.

On February 10, the nurse Qu Jiangyue waves goodbye to her boyfriend who especially takes food to her in the hospital.

Screenshot 1

Beautiful love stories of doctors couples

Many doctor couples worked together to fight against the outbreak on the front line, but they were so busy and hard to see each other for many days.

In the case of the couple in Shaoxing People's Hospital, they met in the hallway of the hospital and realized each other through the voice and their eyes, then hugged within 20 seconds and passed each other.


Another couple is doctor Cao Shan and doctor Monastery Shengjin at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan. One works on the 5th floor, one of the 6th floor, but they are up to the ears and have not seen each other within 14 days.

Love is not isolated! These moments are the most adorable moments on Valentine's Day!

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A wedding through a video call

The not-gunpowder war can not prevent some couples from a commitment. This special wedding of the couple nurse Wang Lingling and a firefighter, Dushan. The couple had planned to get married, but the outbreak suddenly took place and made them unable to organize their wedding.

Surprisingly, the wedding still took place to not miss the nice-selected-day via a video call. and here it will be one of the most special weddings in the world. The wedding took place within 5 minutes without flowers, rings with the presence of 10 colleagues.

The Covid-19 outbreak is a war without gunpowder, which broke the wedding plans of these doctors who bravely participated in the fight against the outbreak. However, their most beautiful love stories partly relieved the sadness of this outbreak.

As of the date of 14/2, there are currently 64,473 confirmed cases and 1,384 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19. We do not know when the fight will end.

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