Valentine Day 2020 - 7 Days of Romance Week & Meanings

Leela Adwani |Feb 04, 2020

The Valentine Day 2020 falls on Friday, 14 February, it’s also the day when people from all quarters tell love to their dear one. Below are the complete Valentine’s Weekday names along with its dates and meaning.

The most beautiful and romantic month of the year is coming. The month of February surely brings much excitement into any lovers’ hearts. Yes! It’s Valentine’s Month.

The Valentine Day 2020 falls onto 14 February on Friday, it’s also the day when people from all quarters tell love to their dear one. The fact is that the world typically spends a whole week to celebrate this day. It starts from 7th to 14th and it’s called Valentine week, Love week or Romance week.

Rose day is the first day of Valentine’s Week, followed by Propose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug, Kiss and Valentine’s Day.

Below are the complete Valentine’s Week Day names along with its dates and meaning,

Rose Day - Feb 7th

Rose Day kicks off the Valentine's Week

7 February is Rose Day which kicks-off the Romance Week. Lovers will serenade their loved ones with a bunch of roses and red roses are the most common. With the belief that roses will bring fragrance, everlasting beauty and freshness, the theme of this day is roses.

Propose Day - Feb 8th

Propose Day is the time to give your love a big surprise

The second day in Valentine’s Week is the Propose Day. On this day, people will have a chance to propose and express their love to their partner. Propose Day falls onto 8 February, six days before the official Valentine Day 2020. If you are planning to make a proposal, then try to make it special by arranging a perfect date with cake, flowers, and a gift. He or she will remember this day forever.

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Chocolate Day - Feb 9th

A lovely home-made chocolate box for your love on this day is perfect

Like two previous days, Chocolate Day is the day of chocolate. Lovers will gift their dear ones delicious chocolates. Celebrated on 9 February, Chocolate day is to let her or him know how sweet they are.

Teddy Day - Feb 10th

Teddy Day means cuddling & sharing cute memories with each other

Teddy bear is by far one of the cutest gifts to be presented on this day. It somehow helps you take your lover a walk down the memory lane of being cuddled securely by their parents. A teddy also means coziness and sweet things. It is usually celebrated on 10 February.

Promise Day - Feb 11th

Let's promise staying together forever on this day!

Like its name, this day signifies and emphasizes the importance of commitment in a relationship. On Promise Day, we will make a promise of being together and the two will hold on to that forever in the future.

Hug Day - Feb 12th

You don't need to say anything, just give him or her a hug!

Hug Day is on 12 February, it brings a beautiful and warm expression of love. It is no doubt that a comfortable hug always speaks more than words. It’s not wrong to say, a hug can fly away all your problems for a few minutes. So, go ahead and give your ladylove a tight hug and let her know she is loved forever.

Kiss Day - Feb 13th

Kiss Day promises to be a busy day for couples

A kiss is considered an invisible link to bring two people closer and this magic touch can also take your relationship to a higher level. A kiss in this day means you will stick together no matter what. All you need to do is to find a perfect spot which is comfortable enough and secret enough to hand over the thoughtful gift, seal the promise with a passionate kiss.

It’s celebrated on 13 February and considered an ideal curtain-raiser to Valentine Day 2020.

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Valentine’s Day Feb 14th

The most important day of Love Week is finally here. On this special Friday, all the loving couples can take their day off to spend the whole time with each other. 14 February is a day of love, joy and the celebration of commitment. The annual holiday is recognized around the world and it’s traditionally associated with romance, red hearts, candy, flowers and many other sweet things that lovebirds share with each other. It’s a great chance to exchange cards and express your love for your dear ones.

Who will you be with this Valentine's Day?

Valentine Day 2020 is around the corner. Hope all couples have a memorable and romantic day with each other.

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