7 Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas Surely Help You Surprise Your Crush

Leela Adwani |Feb 09, 2020

Get ready for a perfect date to impress your dear ones with our cheap Valentine's Day ideas below. You won't need to spend much but get more than you expected!

It’s February, a month of love, a month of loving couples. Whether it will be your first Valentine’s Day together or you’ve spent several V-Days with each other, planning a perfect date on this romantic day can be super tough. Especially, when it comes to the cost, it might be a big deal for many. Thankfully, if you are in the hunt for cheap Valentine's Day ideas that are more affordable and won’t break the bank, then there are a lot of suggestions out there.

Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Get ready for a perfect date to impress your dear ones with our one-of-the-kind ideas below:

Museum Date

It would come as surprise when a museum can become an ideal dating place for couples in V Day. The museum can be tedious, less interesting for many, but believe it or not, plenty of museums create special activities on the Valentine Week to give all couples a different and memorable experience on this day. Plus, if both of you are keen on discovering something new, a museum date is worth trying.

Museum Date - the perfect combination of knowledge and romance.

Not just this most museums are free or usually offer a generous discount for students. So, why don’t you utilize your privilege!

Dance Class

Learning new moves, letting yourself out of the comfort zone and having a lot of fun with your boo is something you can only find in a dance class. Your Valentine Date will full of laughs, joy, and energy. The fact is that choosing a dance class on this special day is also relatively affordable and one of the romantic and cheap Valentine's Day ideas. No wine, no candle, and no fine dining, but you can still ensure to bring your ladylove the most memorable date ever.

Watch your girls move in grace while holding her hands in the dancing club!

There is a wide range of classes for you to choose, be it a fun hip-hop class or a romantic salsa one, you are bound to enjoy the best time together.

Movie Marathon

Any special day is a perfect day for Movie Marathon

Every once in a while you may binge an interesting movie with your partner, though rarely have you ever indulged in a movie marathon. Now, Valentine Day 2020 is the perfect time to do so. All you need to do right now is to select a bunch of your go-to films, stock up on snacks and grab a cozy blanket, then enjoy your simple but cute date. Whether it’s rom-com or scary films, two of you will have the best time together.

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What about loving and keeping fit at the same time?

A yoga date on Valentine Day 2020 will turn out to be very special if both of you are yoga freaks. On this day, get on the yoga mats, and do what you do each day to remind yourself one thing that true love always starts from within. It’s an extra sweet, isn’t it?

Home-cooked Dinner

Preparing dinner together not only saves cost but also bonds you two

Who says home-made dinner can’t bring you a romantic date, then prove them wrong. It’s not only much cheaper but also you will have a family-like time laughing and enjoying the company of each other. Little do we know that a scientific fact says that food will taste better when we put much effort into it. It's not far off the mark to say the list of cheap Valentine's Day ideas cannot be complete without a cozy cook dinner date with your dear one.

Indoor picnic

A cozy indoor picnic can warm up your Valentine's

The weather in February is usually too cold to go outside, so an indoor picnic with your loved one is the ultimate choice. Throw down a picture-worthy blanket and have a great picture right in your familiar bedroom. Prepare some sandwiches, fruits, and yummy dessert, play your favorite playlist, your ideal Valentine date is here.

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Game Night

Loving sometimes means entertaining together!

Planning a romantic V Date can be stressful sometimes and many people have confirmed it. A game night sounds like a low-key date, but it’s bound to take all pressure off in case both of you are true gamers.

Other than the cheap Valentine's Day ideas we mentioned above, you can come up with other one-of-the-kind ideas to make the most of your V-Day with your ladylove. 


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