Important Days In March 2020 In India & Worldwide

Ankita Chetana |Feb 25, 2020

A month is nearly coming to an end that we are sailing the joy to welcome new holidays and festivals. Here are important days in March 2020 in India as well as worldwide.

As a home of various festivals and celebrations with the diversity of ethnic groups, India embraces a lot of important days in March. Not only traditional days as per annual celebrations, but this March will also bring forth many other events in India and the world as well.

Important days in March 2020 in India

Important days in March draft well-mixed traditional and formal celebrations. Some of them take the rooms for improvement to several religious groups while some others take place worldwide. Have a look at such important events in India and their meanings so as to make the most of it.

March 1st Sunday – Zero Discrimination Day

important days in march Zero Discrimination Day
Zero Discrimination Day with the symbol of a butterfly

This is an annual worldwide celebration launched by the United Nations to honor people’s dignity no matter what gender, age or skin color. It was first held in 2014 with the symbol of a butterfly.

Initially, Zero Discrimination Day particularly combats discrimination against HIV/ AIDS patients. However, in India, people know more about this day as an occasion to speak up volumes to protect LGBTI community.

March 1st Sunday – World Civil Defence Day

Actually, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of March and accidentally, it drops on the first day of this month. It owns the meaning of bringing forth the world’s attention to how important it is to protect Civil. It also means paying tributes to the attempts, sacrifices, and accomplishments of the responsible services in the battle with disasters. The world decides to start this event in 1990.

March 3rd Tuesday – World Wildlife Day

Globally celebrated on March 3rd in harmony with the 2020 theme Sustaining All Life On Earth, it encompasses the life of all wild animals and plants that are the major components of biodiversity over the world.

To promote the significance of this day, UN has released a video on their official website, raising awareness of incalculable values of biodiversity on Earth. Watch the video below!

March 3rd Tuesday – World Hearing Day

Like its name, this day was born to keep people in touch with deafness prevention and increase hearing across the globe.

World Hearing Day is launched by WHO (World Health Organization). Its theme for 2020 event is Don't let hearing loss limit you, along with a series of activities by WHO. You can register to join or organize events here.

March 4th Wednesday – National Safety Day

One of March 2020 important days in India is National Safety Day by National Safety Council of India. Above some national problems such as health issues, financial loss amongst many others, the country wants to make everybody feel safe.

The campaign started in 1972 and is now celebrated in various major organizations in the country such as trade unions, government departments or non-government agencies.

The day promotes the insurance of safety and health at workplaces as well as in life in general.

March 8th Sunday – International Women’s Day

International Women's Day - the day to honor all of the things women achieve and their virtues. From economic success to social life’s contributions or just a woman of family, women all over the world have proved their power and equality in genders. Women are stimulated to wear purple on this day since this color signifies dignity and justice to accelerate gender parity.

Indian Women In Saree
Let's spread Love this Women's day!

Needless to say, Women's Day is among the most important days in the whole year, not just March as it is to honor half of the world population, from your beloved mother to your adorable sister or female colleagues.

That's why you should start preparing for it from now. Your surrounding women deserve more than just a wish card.

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March 9th Monday – Holika Dahan

It follows the stream of the Hindu Mythological celebration to honor the victory of the good against evil. But depending on the time of each year, this event will change to the other days.

March 10th Tuesday – Holi

This is one of the most popular traditional festivals of India that is known as the multi-colored festival. After the February celebration for Lord Vishnu, this day in March is grounded to mark the safe comeback of his greatest worshipper named Prahalad. On this date, Indian citizens strive out with their loved ones to enjoy Holi with Thandai and Gulaal.

Interestingly, Holi is not just celebrated within India but has spread its popularity to other Asian countries and some in Western regions. Visitors to India or Non-Hindu people especially love this festival for its colourful atmosphere.

Indian Holi Festivals
Holi Festival attracts either Hindu or non-Hindu visitors.

The festival promotes fairness when everyone is considered equal in the game, no matter who they are, a friend or a stranger, a poor or rich, a man or a woman, etc. Having said that, the game sometimes gets out of control and is not friendly to children or women.

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March 13th Friday – No Smoking Day

Celebrated on the second Wednesday of March, No Smoking Day brings its special meaning of warning the harm of tobacco. Aligning with it, this celebration is to remind and encourage everybody to give up smoking.

March 14th  Saturday – Pi Day

Pi in mathematics is a symbol of a constant to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

March 14th Saturday – International Day of Action for Rivers

important days of march-International Day Of Action For Rivers
Be cautious with the river problems

Rivers have their own voice and people have to listen to it, a voice of requesting protection the human beings. Since then, we have to be aware of threating deals over the rivers in the world and grab solutions against them with new policies for Rivers.

March 15th Sunday – World Consumer Rights Day

As one of the most important days in march, World Consumer Rights Day is to raise awareness about the rights and needs of consumers. They are respected and protected against the injustices of society.

March 16th Monday – National Vaccination Day

On every March 16th, this event is observed over the nation and was initially held in 1995. It demonstrates an effort to update the polio eradication from the Earth.

March 18th Wednesday – Ordnance Factories Day (in India)

Not so widely to know but this day is held for the acknowledgment of the Ordnance Factory, Small Arms Factory, Field Gun Factory, Ordnance Equipment Factory, and Ordnance Parachute Factory.

March 20th Friday – International Day of Happiness

important days in march- International Happiness Day
Happiness comes from every little thing

Since 2013, this day has been celebrated by the United Nations (UN) to realize the significance of happiness to everyone. Firstly, the UN has reveled in this occasion by three keys to happiness including reducing poverty, decreasing inequality, and protecting the Earth. They also add the Right of Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness to the Internal Law of Human Rights.

March 21st Saturday – World Forestry Day

Known as International Day of Forests also, this day is to enhance people’s awareness of the importance and values of forests in balancing the Earth’s life cycle.

March 21st Saturday – World Down Syndrome Day

In 2011, this occasion was first brought to the world as an action of updating the special people. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder by chromosome 21’s third copy and it affects a person’s learning style, characteristics, and even health.

March 22nd Sunday – World Water Day

Freshwater is shouting all over the world to let us know its shortage as a crisis. In 1992, the first draft of this day was introduced at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Italy. One year later, the first celebration takes place worldwide to call for actions from everybody.

March 23rd Monday – World Meteorological Day

Drawing the attention of all people in the world towards climate change, World Meteorological Day is to remind us about safe social well-being. In 1950, this event came into force with the annual theme of topical climate or issues related to water.

March 27th Friday – World Theatre Day

In the growth of economic with new and modern cinemas, people also need to recognize the significance of theatre art. From the governments to normal citizens, it’s an alert call to the eternal value of theatre.

Indian Theatre Art
Save the Indian theatre art to save the national culture identity!

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Summary of Important days of March in India & Worldwide

Have an overall look at all important days in March to pack yourself with festivals and celebrations in India and worldwide.

Important Days of March in India and Worldwide

Date Day Events Where to take place?
March 1st Sunday Zero Discrimination Day

World Civil Defence Day

March 3rd Tuesday World Wildlife Day
World Hearing Day
March 4th Wednesday National Safety Day India
March 8th Sunday International Women’s Day Worldwide
March 9th Monday Holika Dahan India
March 10th Tuesday Holi India
March 13th Friday No Smoking Day Worldwide
March 14th Saturday Pi Day

International Day of Action for Rivers

March 15th Sunday World Consumer Rights Day Worldwide
March 16th Monday National Vaccination Day Worldwide
March 18th Wednesday Ordnance Factories Day India
March 20th Friday International Happiness Day

World Sparrow Day

March 21st Saturday World Forestry Day

World Down Syndrome Day

World Poetry Day

March 22nd Sunday World Water Day Worldwide
March 23rd Monday World Meteorological Day Worldwide
March 24th Tuesday World Tuberculosis (TB) Day Worldwide
March 27th Friday World Theatre Day Worldwide

We hope that these above important days in March 2020 can help you schedule a month full of joy and happiness. Don’t forget to get you updated on STARBIZ!


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