International Pi Day 2020: Epic Pi Day Quotes And Messages 

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 14, 2020

Whether math scares you or not, Saturday, March 14 is a super special day as it’s Pi Day. Check out the coolest quotes that will make your friends ROFL!

Whether math scares you or not, Saturday, March 14 is a super special day as it’s Pi Day. As it is pronounced as ‘pie’ (/paɪ/) in English, this day is not only for mathlete but also for food lovers. What a great idea to celebrate the special Pi day with a piece of pie and an epic social media post. Coincidentally, when it comes to either math or food our minds always go irrational.

So if you are afraid of running out of ideas for a cool Instagram post, check out the best Pi Days quotes and messages below!

international Pi Day
March 14 is also known as the International Pi Day as it matches the first three digits of Pi

What is Pi day?

March 14 has become the international Pi (π) Day since 1988 as the first three digits of Pi match the date (3/14). It has become an annual occasion for not only math enthusiasts but also foodie around the world to celebrate. While some people love to recite the infinite decimal with as many digits as possible, some others just love to ‘keep calm and eat pie’.

Pi Day Eat Pie
Pi Day is for not only math lovers but also foodies.

How about Pi?

If you divide any circle’s circumference by its diameter, you got a Pi which is always approximately 3.14. The number is represented with a Greek letter π. After discovering more than 4000 years ago, the number Pi still fascinates contemporary scientists and mathematicians. 

Pi Day My Love For You Is Like Pi
Pi and love have the same thing in common: they are both irrational!

How many digits are in Pi?

As Pi is an irrational decimal, it has neither final digit or pattern to its digits. It continues infinitely and irrationally. On international Pi day 2019, an employee of Google set a new record by finding more than 9 trillion new digits of the never-ending number. The total number of digits that were discovered are around 31.4 trillion by the moment.

My Pin Pi Day
Mathematicians would love this idea!

What to do on Pi day?

There is also a fun challenge for people to remember and calculate more and more digits. The current Guinness World Record belongs to a Japanese retired engineer Akira Haraguchi who can recite up to 111,701 digits of Pi in 16 hours.

Here are more interesting pics and quotes to roll out on your Instagram handle:

Pi Day Love Is Like Pi
Agreed! Our lives won't be completed without love and Pi (actually Pie)

Pi Day To Someone Who Thinks Theyre Smart
Share it with your friends so they would think that they're smart too!

Pi Day I Was Born On Pi Day
This pic is definitely what you need to share!

Pi Day Do Not Worry About Your Difficulties
For those who are struggling with math problems, here is a Pie for you, cheers!

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