It’s Better To Use Organic Colors In The Holi Festival & Here’s Why

Ankita Chetana |Feb 26, 2020

Holi festival is on the way to embrace Indians on March 9th, 2020. A festival of colors where you can enjoy the favor but here are the reasons you should use organic colors in the Holi festival.

On the occasion of Holi, the youngest and eldest member of the family will walk off to enjoy the favor of multi-colors. In 2020, the Holi festival is taking place on March 9th and is one of the most important days in March. Ahead of the fervor, we will list out the reasons you had better use organic colors in the Holi festival.

Organic Colors In The Holi Festival
Using natural-made colors is better for your health

Signifying the victory of the good over evil, Holi is an important festival to Indians. Amongst all the things we need to prepare for this festival, we need to notice the importance of organic colors in the Holi festival. Whether its effect on our health or the quality, organic products are the best option for us. Scroll down to know more!

Holi Festival
See how organic colors work wonders

  1. Organic colors come with natural ingredients without any chemicals. Since then, it will protect our skin and prevent it from getting allergic, damaged or rash. Your skin may suffer the bad effects of aromatic and benzene compounds in chemical colors. Even some dark chemical colors such as black, red or green can be carcinogens with the elements of copper sulfate and oxide.
  2. Besides causing bronchial asthma, chemical colors can damage your general well-being and lead to cancer or renal diseases.
  3. When using organic colors in the Holi festival made from spinach, beetroot, and other natural ingredients, your hair and nails will get amazing colors. After the celebration, your skin and hair are not only harmed but they also get nourished.
  4. In the campaign of environment protection, organic colors are safe friends to us and the living conditions.

Organic Colors In The Holi Festival 1
The best use of organic homemade colors in the great celebration

To honor the joy and happiness of the festival, we hope that the use of organic colors in the Holi festival can help you enjoy the most. You don’t need to spend too much money to buy a chemical color and still can protect yourself and the others, so why not?


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