Top 10 Best Google Doodles Of All Time

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 19, 2020

Google marks the beginning of Spring with a beautiful illustration Google Doodle March 19. Here are also 10 best Google Doodle for you to take a look at.

Today, the search engine giant Google has launched its Google Doodle March 19 to denote the beginning of spring in India and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Spring 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere will begin on Friday, March 20, marked with warmer weather and 12 hours of light and ends on Sunday, June 21.

Meaning of Google Doodle March 19

March 20 marks the beginning of Spring which brings back a warm and fresh atmosphere when trees start to grow their new leaves and flowers blossom.

Google Doodle March 19

While there are 4 main seasons around the world including Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, there are two more seasons which are Monsoon: Varsha Ritu and Pre-Winter: Hemant Ritu according to the Indian ancient calendar. 

Best Google Doodles ever!

If you fall in love with Google Doodle March 19, then you should see the full list of iconic Google Doodles of all time below. You will definitely wow for their creativity!

Since 1998, Google has used the ‘doodle’ to mark special and historical events. Apart from Spring 2020 Doodle, here are 10 best Google Doodles of all time.

1. Claude Monet (Nov 14, 2001)

Google marked the 161st birthday of the French painter Claude Monet by refreshing their logo with Impressionistic style. 

best Google Doodle 1

2. Harriet Tubman (Feb 1, 2014)

On February 1, 2014, the search giant featured the image of the American activist Harriet Tubman who escaped from slavery and rescued other black American slaves from the same situation. It was just a simple design but has a huge meaning and impact on society.

Google Doodle March 19 2

3. Alexander Calder (July 22, 2011)

On the 131st birthday of Alexander Calder, the sculptor who invented the nursery mobile, Google launched a unique doodle with lulling effects when users hover or click on its parts.

Google Doodle March 19 3

4. Charlie Chaplin (Apr 16, 2011)

It was the first time Google Doodle experimented with a live-action which was a black and white film. The video was a short silent comedy that featured a man with a hat and mustache as Charlie Chapin.

The doodle not only paid tribute to the famous English comic actor but also mark a new ear of Google Doodle which draw the user’s attention for more than a few seconds.

5. My Afrocentric Life (Mar 21, 2016)

Google came up with the Google Doodle competition which encourages people around the world to design doodles. Akilah Johnson, an American student, won the competition in 2016 for his doodle ‘My Afrocentric Life’.

Google Doodle March 19 4

6. Ludwig van Beethoven (Dec 17, 2015)

This doodle is definitely one of the most intricate versions which paid tribute to the great composer on his 245th birthday. It not only allowed people to interact but also offered pieces of his famous works. 

Google Doodle March 19 5

7. St Patrick’s Day (Mar 17, 2015)

Since the beginning of Google Doodle, it has been well-known for denoting international and national days around the world (just like Google Doodle March 19 for Spring day). However,  St Patrick’s Day 2015 illustration featuring a clover family fiddle-playing is epic.

Google Doodle March 19 6

8. International Women’s Day (Mar 8, 2017)

In the International Women’s Day 2017, Google made an evolution by providing a glimpse at 13 different female pioneers who had a huge impact on our lives. The most interesting part was their hidden facts and stories which were unveiled.

Google Doodle March 19 7

9. PAC-MAN (May 21, 2010)

Google Doodle went extra miles with their Pac-man interactive game which marked the 30th anniversary of the classic arcade game. This doodle made an exception as it was available up to two days. It also hit a phenomenal success worldwide. 

Google Doodle March 19 8

10. Oskar Fishinger (Jun 22, 2017)

The latest and also the most ambitious doodle was released to mark Oskar Fishinger's birthday. Google doodle takes on his fascination with vision and music and offers the user a chance to create their own alluring visual-music artwork.

Google Doodle March 19 9

Which doodle do you think is the most interesting one? Is Google Doodle March 19 one of your favorites? Write your opinion on the comment section below.

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