How To Be Happy Alone? – Tips For Mental Well-Being During Tough Time

Hanima Anand |Jun 25, 2020

During the tough time of pandemic, people often bear tremendous pressure from financial burden as well as other relationship problems. Get the tips of How to be happy alone here to protect yourself from negative thoughts!

Recently, the world has to witness a number of heart-breaking incidents due to the stress from the pandemic. It’s of utmost importance that everyone knows how to take care of their own mental well-being to prevent possible negative thoughts. That’s why brings you 25 tips of How to be happy alone to survive this difficult time all by yourself!

Please practice these happy tips daily and share it to other surrounding people so you can live in a positive atmosphere as well. We divide the tips into two categories, one for immediate applications and the other is a long-term how to be happy alone strategy which returns positive results for your entire life.

Staying alone means enjoying your true time without disturbance.

25 Tips of how to be happy alone

These are short-term tips of maintaining your happy mood when you are alone. This is to prevent your private time from turning into ‘lonely’ period. Being alone allows you to concentrate on yourself but doesn’t mean you should feel loneliness during those moments.

1. Reduce time on social media

Surprise? You might be afraid that staying away from social media makes you lonelier, but things turn opposite. When you continuously scroll your Facebook newsfeed, seeing others’ posts, you actually feel more separated from the real world. This may even evoke negative feelings such as envy, inferior or simply comparison which is not good for your mental health at all.

Instead, set a break for your social time. You should restrict the time you go online to less than 30 minutes per day to reply messages or update news. Use the rest of the day for other meaningful activities like reading books, gardening or doing some yoga.

Turn off notifications for social accounts and shift your attention to other things around.

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2. Stop comparing yourself with others

Like we said above, comparison is not good for your mental well-being, either when you seem to win or lose in that comparison.

It is proved that avoiding comparison is the foremost tip of how to be happy alone because that’s when you understand and accept your real personality and your world. No one is perfect, let’s love what you do and treasure what you have at the moment.

3. Turn your phone off

Next comes your mobile phone. Let’s grant yourself true moments of being alone to reflect and connect with the environment.

Take some notes and draw whatever you like, or simply sit down on the balcony and enjoy the sceneries outside.

Instead of checking on your phone, read a book!

Turning your phone off for one hour only can help you a great deal in maintaining a happy life alone.

4. Five-minute meditation daily

Yes, we don’t ask for more. Just 5 minutes and let your mind wander to paradises it longs for.

To do this, you have to stay away from all kinds of electronic devices so that they won’t disturb you during the meditation. Find a comfortable spot in your room to sit or lie down, close your eyes and count your breath.

You don’t need to force yourself focus on nothing as in formal meditation lessons. Please leave your mind wander around, think of sweet moments you could have or any imaginary scenes you’d love to.

If you can’t stay still at one place, try repetitive task like washing dishes, folding clothes or something like that. Your mind will automatically turn to wandering mode.

5. Take daily exercises

Research has shown that doing physical activities regularly can boost the amount of happy hormones inside your body, thereby improving your mood.

Exercises are not only good for physical health but also important for mental well-being.

If you are new to physical exercises, you can start with some aerobics or dancing lessons online. Once you’re familiar, increase the intensity level of your activities. Hit the gym or practice vigorous dances will be a great way to keep yourself happy alone.

6. Practice quality sleep

Similar to physical exercises, a good sleep does wonder to your mental health.

A night with sound sleep will be a great boost to start your new day while the lack of sleep will cause headache, unreasonable irritation and bad mood all the day.

Check our tips of how to sleep fast to have quality night time.

7. Immerse into the nature

Green is a wonderful color to soothe your eyes and health as well. One of the most common tips of how to be happy alone is to connect yourself with the nature outside.

Take a walk in the park, jogging around the areas with dense greenery or simply do gardening tasks if you plant trees in your house. For every minute you spend with the Mother Nature, your life receives one more minute to enjoy this world.

You definitely feel happier when staying around trees.

8. Reward yourself

This is a great way to be happy on your own. You don’t wait for others to give you awards, you can grant yourself a dinner outside, a movie ticket or some new clothes for things you did well.

Even when you don’t have any achievements, you should keep the habit of indulging yourself a bit for staying healthy till now. The rewards don’t need to be expensive, just small things can make huge differences.

9. Do voluntary work

When you help others, you even feel happier than them. To make yourself happy alone, you can register for voluntary work in your neighborhood. This also increases chance for you to discover inspiring stories of others and treasure your lives more.

Remember this quotation to do good deeds and stay happy all the time:

“The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives roses.”

When you bring joy to others, you receive happy returns.

10. Practice appreciation

Gratefulness is significant in the process of how to be happy alone. When you appreciate what you have, you feel calm and satisfied. No envy, no competitiveness, no stress. Just be grateful for your presence in life to observe it and to make changes to it.

Never complain, just act and acknowledge things you own.

11. Give it a peak

Sometimes, we have to push ourselves out of the so-called comfort zones but in this case, you don’t need to make lousy things to reach a peak.

Free yourself for some hours to enjoy things you have never done before. Give yourself a challenge of solo karaoke or dancing, going naked inside your room while doing household chores, etc. These peaks will help you to reinvigorate positive energy to start a new chain of days.

12. Learn new things

To forget the past, try new things! Let’s enroll in some novel classes where you can experience brand new skills like playing a musical instrument, painting or make-up. You won’t need to ask a friend to join with you.

All the things to do is go to class or watch online lessons, practice and explore your abilities.

Nobody's watching, let's dance in your freestyle!

13. Cook a big feast for yourself

Improving your appetite is an effective way of how to be happy alone. Such an enjoyable moment to taste what your own hands prepare and decorate.

Set up a proper dining table in front of the TV or computer, cook delicious meals you love while making use of some flowers or candles to highlight the space. You will definitely you’re the luckiest person on Earth when tasting your meals and watching your favorite show.

14. Go for a picnic

It’s time to step out of your house. Let’s prepare some snacks and get down to the road!

If your areas are still in dangerous zones of coronavirus, just pick a safe park where you can keep social distance of at least 2 meters with others. Bring some notes to draw or books to read if you don’t know what to do at the picnic spot.

15. Set up your happy corner

Even when you have your private room to lie on the bed, doing whatever you want, you still need a happy corner.

This is where you place items which remind you of sweet memories in the past, which urge you to stay strong through time and strive for a better future.

Your happy corner should be comfortable to sit or lie down with some plants and memory items.

This happy place should have natural lights in and greenery to help calm your mood.

16. Embrace changes in daily routine

To keep yourself happy, you need to put aside your old daily routine and make it a surprise for each day you get up.

Don’t repeat what you did yesterday or plan the same for tomorrow as this is the quickest way to a boring life. Change a little bit, perhaps the order of routines, or adding some new elements to it.

For example, you can try watching a new channel, going on a new route or ordering a new dish from an unknown restaurant. Either it’s successful or not, it gives you interesting moments in life.

17. Practice problem-solving skills

One of the most important tips of how to be happy yourself is coping with unexpected problems. If you can’t handle your own difficulties then how can you enjoy this life independently?

This is not easy to master in a few days but you can start from smallest things around. Imagine you suddenly find out that your light bulb is broken and you don’t know how to fix it. One is you sit frightened in the dark or another scenario is to buy a new bulb and get it done by yourself. Or you can lit up some candles and play romantic movies.

Many people may face the same situation but the choice is theirs, resulting in different lives.

18. Forgive what hurts you

Forgiving is a difficult task as sometimes the sorrow and disappointment is too severe for you to get over. But let’s think this way, when you hold a grudge, it’s you who have to suffer negative feelings. Others don’t feel it, they may not care either.

Build your inner calm and forgive the past.

Be tolerant because you deserve peace in your mind. Those who hurt you will have to pay for what they did this way or another. Believe in Karma and live well to yourself!

19. Live in the moment

A Buddha’s advice on how to be happy alone is to live in the moment and enjoy life at this time. As we often say, past is history while future is a mystery; but present is a gift.

Learn how to put your mind really into what you are doing now, not worrying about what will come next nor concerning about what happened. Remember you are living in this moment and you should savor it before it turns to the past.

20. Plan your days ahead

One of the reasons why people might feel insecure and unwell is that they don’t know what to do in their future.

No matter what hardship may come, you should plan for it. No life survives without obstacles and battles against those difficulties. The more experience you get, the stronger you are.

Make a plan of your work for the years to come. What will you do in the next one or two years? How is your life in 5 or 10 more years? You can note it down to remind yourself of the goal and realize it gradually.

21. Pay more attention to your health

A healthy lifestyle leads to a happy mind. When you feel you’re strong and energetic for any challenge, your mental well-being is surely guaranteed. Conversely, one can hardly feel happy when being attached to medicine and physical ache.

Take good care of your health and you will know how to be happy alone!

22. Grow healthy relationships

There’s a fact we all admit that humans can’t survive without others. You can be happy alone but you need close friends and relatives to lead a meaningful life.

If you haven’t found your BFF yet, don’t worry as it takes time. It’s not easy to find a soul mate, so you should nurture available relationships first. Pay a visit to your relatives or friends regularly and be open with their stories.

However, you have to evaluate whether a relationship is growing healthily or not. There are some people with long-held negative thoughts you should limit contact with.

Stay around happy people, you will be infected with their happiness too.

23. Let your thoughts out

It’s hard to keep all your thoughts and plans in the head. Write it out or share it with others so you can free some space inside your brain to absorb new things.

You can write daily diary to remind yourself of being grateful, tolerant and happy. You can even talk to yourself and argue with your own ideas. Or you can share it with your friends when necessary.

Store your overwhelming thoughts in the notebook, not in your mind!

You are strong when you are alone, but friends will be happy when you feel comfortable sharing with them your stories.

Above is our sharing on How to be happy alone. Hope these tips from will help you to maintain a healthy mind during this difficult time.

Do come back our Love & Life session for more interesting posts!

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