Are You Still Being Obsessed With Previous Love? Here Are Ways For You To Forget Ex Easily!

Shanaya Rishaan |Sep 03, 2019

If you find yourself being stuck in the good old days and feelings of previous love, these tips below will help you forget your ex easily.

At first, you start your relationship with sweet love, but as time goes by, many things happen, and the connection of two souls becomes weaker and weaker. Finally, both of you decide to tear apart! However,  after that painful breakup, you may struggle to heal your broken heart as you can’t help yourself thinking of your ex.

So, if you find yourself stuck in memories and feelings of the good old days of previous love, these following tips will help you forget ex easily.

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Wear a rubber band on your wrist

This simple but straightforward technique can help you stop thinking about the memories related to your ex. Every time you find yourself dive into the thoughts of ex-lovers wheter they are the good or bad, tie a rubber band around your wrist then snap it.

By this way, you can distract yourself from these familiar feelings to other unrelated things. Besides, when you snap the rubber band, you will feel the pain to remind you that if you keep your ex in mind, your wrist will get hurt.

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Put a penny for your thought

Whenever your mind wanders around the ex-partner, put about a hundred rupees note in your ‘thought box.’ However, the most special thing here is that the money in your box is used for donation, not for your own needs.

After a short time practice this technique, you will see that you’re on the edge of bankruptcy if you continuously think about your ex. Fortunately, thanks to this painful truth, you may realize that getting yourself obsessed with the illusion of your ex-partner is toxic, which you need to get over immediately.

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Keep a memoir of your thoughts

This technique is similar to writing your daily diary, which means you will turn all your thoughts into words. Thus, if the memories about your ex still mess your mind up, you can write them down on a pretty notebook. But remember to read all the things you have written previously before going on writing other stories of your feelings.

As you look through the story in the notebook, you will see that most of your thoughts are just a string of repetition. After that, since you would realize how futile your habit is, you could break this toxic circle and set your mind free.

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Break the chain of thoughts

This is another exercise that could help to get yourself away from thinking of ex. Specifically, every time the thoughts of your ex confuse you, convert that emotion into physical activities.

For example, if you are in the workplace and catch yourself thinking about ex, just stand up and fill your bottle with water, or simply start to chat with your co-workers. These activities will break your chain of thoughts, and you can forget ex easily.

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​Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is also a useful technique to have your ex got out of your mind. Each time you start to think of the old memories of the past love, just listen to the sounds surrounding you, try to touch three different things near you, and try to point out five different colors around you.

This simple exercise helps you to concentrate your mind on three senses, including sound, sight, and touch. So, you will busy yourself with observing the things around, which will stop your thoughts of the past relationship.

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Give yourself some time

It is said that time heals all wounds, so your emotional pain will become less as time passes. All you need is to take a short break after all the bad things happening in your relationship. Hence, though this seems hard to apply these days, just give yourself some time, take it slow, and then your mind would gradually calm down.

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