Food For S.E.X: Best And Worst Food Choices For Your Bed Experience

Salena Harshini |Jul 07, 2020

Best and worst food for your sex drive? All revealed here!

Being emotionally and physically has a great impact on your sex life and it is beyond a doubt that food plays an essential role in helping you get the groove back. That is why we have done a research to collect the best 9 food for sex that would enhance your libido as well as boost your overall health.

The best and the worst food for sex that you need to know about are all gathered here!

Moreover, we also collected the foods you should avoid regarding your bed experience.

9 food for sex you should consume to boost your sex drive

1. Saffron

Saffron has been said to have an occult love potion for centuries now. This aphrodisiac is also antioxidants-rich.

The researchers have reviewed saffron’s effects on the infertility problems of men and pointed out that it has positive effects on erectile dysfunction as well as overall sex drive.

Saffron is not only good for beautifying but also is a great food for sex

2. Watermelon

This succulent summer fruit has a very low amount of calories while its potential libido-enhancing phytonutrients are very high. A research study has revealed that watermelon has beta-carotene, lycopene, and citrulline, which would help the blood vessels relax and naturally boost your sex drive.

Its effects were even compared to those of Viagra, but more studies on this are required.

3. Bananas

Bananas are believed to increase make libido with its rich source of bromelain enzymes. The fruit – a berry botanically, is as well vitamin B and potassium-rich. Both of these are amazing sources of energy.

Banana is also a portion of useful natural food for sexual health

4. Garlic

One more ideal food for sex is garlic. In contrary to the common belief, garlic is actually a powerful aphrodisiac. Garlic has allicin, the compound considered to boost the blood flow to sexual organs, reportedly.

5. Oysters

Although this food for sex is not easily available in India like the others on this list, oysters are actually the showstopper here. Oysters are a zinc-rich food, helping the production of testosterone and maintenance of healthy sperm.

They are also equally useful for women. Oysters uplift the creation of dopamine aka the “feel good” hormone which increases female libido.

Consuming oysters is recommended for both men and women

6. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate, especially the dark one, is among the greatest food for sex. They are known to have the compounds that can lift the moods.

Therefore, having a piece of dark chocolate per day is equivalent to more happy hormones production as well as better sex drive.

7. Avocado

The favorite food of the world not only upgrades your eggs and toast combo in the morning but also boosts your sex drive.

Avocado is good for health in every way

Loaded with vitamin B6, monounsaturated fats, and minerals, avocado is one super good food for sex that you need.

8. Salmon

This pink-fleshed fish, along with halibut and tuna, may be the key to boosting your sex drive. Its Omega-3s can prevent the plaque buildup in one’s arteries, therefore giving rise to your body’s blood flow.

Salmon increases blood flow which means it is good for increasing libido

9. Nuts and seeds

Snacking on seeds and nuts is also included in the list of best food for sex. Almonds and cashews also play a big part in getting your blood flowing. Besides, there are other kinds if nuts and seeds that you can nibble on: walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, pecans, peanuts.

Nuts and seeds can help you lose weight while also plays as a handy food for sex

While the recommended food for sexually long time experience has been listed, here are the foods you must limit or even avoid to improve your libido.

7 unrecommended food for sexual health you should steer clear of

1. Alcohol

Although drinking alcohol is said to be useful in increasing the sexual desire of women, it may be contrary to men.

Excessive intake of alcohol would decrease the blood flow to the male member and increase angiotensin which is the hormone that results in erectile dysfunction.

Food for sexually long time? Definitely not alcohol

2. Greasy Foods

Trans fat found in greasy food will dwindle both female and male sex drive. Moreover, trans fatty acid can also lead to abnormal production of sperm.

Word of advice: do without the fries and take up salads as side dishes from now on.

3. Cheese

Cheese is many people’s favorite food but it has been proven by a lot of wellness and health experts that it is killing your bed experience.

Cheese is heaven, but it's a no for your sex power

They are the disturbance to your body’s hormone production, consisting of testosterone and estrogen.

4. Aerated drinks

Aerated drinks may be addictive, but they are indeed horrible. If you haven’t known, aerated drinks aka soft drinks are the reason for erectile dysfunction when you over-consume them.

5. Coffee

We know some of you can’t live without coffee. But if you have not known, sex and coffee share a complex relationship.

Cut down on coffee for the sake of your bed experience

If having a hot cup of coffee results in anxiousness, it would do you better to avoid them.

6. Microwave popcorn

Attention, boys and girls! Let’s Netflix and chill without having microwave popcorn.

As per a study in 2009, perfluoroalkyl acids like PFOS or PFOA are present on a popcorn bag. And those are what can lessen your libido pr even sperm count.

Microwaved popcorn sounds fun, but is not an ideal food for sex

7. Excessive sugar

Sweets are a wonderful treat, we know. But an excessive amount of sugar can lead to leptin resistance in your body. It would negatively impact your sex life and even decreases your level of testosterone. And low testosterone equals bad libido, just so you know.

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