Coronavirus In India: Is Our Country Ready For A More Serious Situation?

Ankita Chetana |Mar 29, 2020

If the whole country steps into Stage 3 of community transmission, what will India do to get people out of the pandemic? Here is what our country has prepared!

The conditions of Covid-19 in the U.S.A, Spain, Italy, and some other countries have been worsening with the rapid increase of positive cases as well as death tolls. Actually, coronavirus in India is facing a big problem in the treatment and others around social welfare. If the situation gets worse, the country needs some clear preparation to deal with it.

As of now, there are 979 confirmed cases with 25 dead people of coronavirus in India. The government is heading to the method of nationwide tests and dedicated hospitals designating for affected people in New Delhi. They also speed up the procedure of ventilators and Railway mobilizing resources.

Test Kit Of Coronavirus
Besides ventilators, testing kits of coronavirus in India are being well-prepared

Although the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the Health Ministry assured that nothing proved community transmission will happen, the Indian government has been ready to take up the challenge by implementing health infrastructure.

Check out on how India prepared to forestall the more serious situation:

  • The Centre requires every state to mark the hospitals to treat coronavirus patients only and rapidly arrange the capacity to control more cases if possible. Up to now, at least 17 states followed the guideline and started to take action.
  • The armed forces prepare 28 service hospitals to ensure infected people's treatment besides five hospitals taking the laboratory infection tests.
Indian Railways To Isolation Wards
The Indian railways have been on a protocol to create the isolation wards for the affected people
  • Defense public sector with Bharat Electronics Limited is assigned to manufacture ventilators while the research department is in the production line of protective gear to support medical staff. Apart from it, they will provide masks and hand sanitizers to numerous agencies in concern with healthcare for coronavirus patients.
  • Emergency financial resources have been granted for Army corporations and the divisions to acquiring equipment for the medical and quarantine facility set up for affected patients.
  • The railways have created a quarantine ward prototype to treat the Covid-19 patients by changing the form of non-airconditioned coached on the trains. According to a national transporter, if this prototype works, a railway zone could produce a system of 10 coaches per week.
  • The Center has guided all states to separate some beds only for making quarantine facilities in both private and public hospitals to make sure that certain patients get discharged from hospitals as soon as possible.
make medical masks
Many staff are working 24/7 to supply the needs of masks and other facilities for treatment
  • The Health Ministry requested medical education institutions and hospitals to make a sufficient amount of ventilators and masks with high-flow oxygen to get ready for a sudden increase of infected people.
  • The AIIMS has assigned a task of developing management protocol for coronavirus in India and formed many committees to deal with any bad circumstances which may reach our country because of the ongoing outbreak of the pandemic.
  • The Center has required all hospitals to push every non-essential surgery back.
  • Private hospitals have upgraded and speeded up their facilities and formed some special teams to manage the rising number of patients in the coming days.
Prepare Vacancy For Patients
The government has been also assuring the capacity of hospital beds
  • Joint secretary of the Health Ministry Lav Agarwal stated that the government has placed an order of 10,000 ventilators after the previous one of 1,200 ventilators to prepare the best for the nationwide test.

In conclusion, the situation of coronavirus in India and the world is unpredictable with sudden changes every day. However, our country is trying the prepare the best to join a big fight against the pandemic with as many measures as possible from all the aspects. We are READY in advance!

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