8 Breathtaking Matchy Colours For Couple Wedding Outfits

Mishka Saisha |Sep 29, 2019

Being coloured matched with partner’s outfit can make you two look gorgeous in your wedding. Today we will bring to you 8 comprehensive suggested wedding colours for couples. Let’s check with us!

Wearing colour-coordinated wedding outfits for couple on the big day can be seen as a solution to save preparation time.

Since you need at least 4-5 spectacular outfits for multiple ceremonies and obviously they have to look best on your big day, being matched with your partner’s outfit can make you two look gorgeous while reducing the anxiety of outfit selection.

Today we will bring to you 8 comprehensive wedding colour suggestions for couples. Let’s check with us!

Bright Popping Yellow

In South Indian, yellow is a popular colour for the wedding day while it’s more favourable in the wedding circuit such as Haldi and Mehndi.

In fact, bright yellow makes you easily noticeable amongst others and you will have great lightning photos if you two wear the colour in the wedding.

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Pale Blue

This colour is perfect for Sangeet or reception. There are many ways for couple wearing pale blue colour-coordinated wedding outfits but to this colour the common theme is the groom’s outfit matches the colour of the lehenga or blouse. You don’t need to wear whole matched clothing.

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Navy Blue

Nothing is better than a navy blue outfit combo for night events such as reception. The colour is so trendy and popular with many designs and style for both of you so you just need a day for shopping. You can try blue velvet jacket and embroidered lehenga that might give you a classy look on your big day.

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Crisp White

If you have enough coloured wedding attire for the day, why don’t try the classic ones for the reception with different designs of white. Believe us, the theme might be simple but looks so elegant and luxurious.

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Romantic Pink

You might think the colour is just for women but pink has become the hot colour in the wedding season this year. So why not choose wedding attires within this beautiful colour for your big day. The perfect choice should be light pink with designed white embroideries.

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Traditional South India Red And White

To whom might not know, mundu-shirt and elegant saree in red-white shades is a classic look of a South Indian wedding outfit. The contrast of two colours signifies the purity of the occasion that you should take as a reference for your big day preparation.

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Hues Of Mint Green

If you two want a royal look for the wedding, don’t skip this colour tone. You can mix-and-match your outfits with golden, beige, white or black accessories to elevate the colour since it doesn’t stand out enough. If you’re simple person, don’t list the colour as a choice since you have to invest much in accessories and other stuffs.

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Powder Blue

If you still want a royal look within budget, powder blue is a good selection although it’s not the trendy one. You can mix this colour with pink that creates a perfect combination for pre-wedding ceremonies. You two will look both lovely and elegant in the ensembles. Let’s try it!

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