Post-Graduate Bride Called Off Her Wedding After Friends Of Groom Dragged Her To Dance Floor

Hanima Anand |Dec 16, 2020

The wedding in Uttar Pradesh was canceled in the middle when some friends of the groom dragged the bride to the dance floor without her consent. Check details below!

The news came as a shock to many when a bride refused to tie the knot simply because of some groom’s friends. However, it’s also a good sign of social development when women could decide her own fate.

Post-graduate bride refused to marry a man who didn’t respect her

On Friday last week, the two families were organizing a grand wedding ceremony in Bareilly, Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. It’s an arranged marriage with the nod of both groom and bride families. The couple were post-graduates, so the wedding looked perfect till the incident happened.

Groom And Bride In India
Had it not been for some friends' misbehaviors, the matched couple would live under the same roof now.

In the ceremony, some friends of the groom had dragged the bride to the dance floor to tease her. The groom, however, did nothing to protect his wife-to-be. The misbehaviors of those guests then triggered a heated debate between the two families.

In the end, the bride-to-be refused to continue the ceremony. She called off the wedding, and her family totally agreed with her decision.

Dance Floor In Indian Wedding
Dancing is a merry tradition at Indian weddings, please respect others' feelings if they don't want to.

Father of the bride-to-be said that his daughter could not be forced to get married to a man that didn’t respect her. That’s why their family had decided to return home from the wedding venue.

Groom’s family paid money for a settlement

Not just calling off the wedding, the bride’s family also filed a dowry complaint against the groom’s side. However, no FIR was registered as this was a household issue between two families.

In response to the bride’s dowry complaint, the groom’s parents agreed to pay 6.5 lakh of rupees to the bride’s family. The two sides finally reached a settlement, according to a local police officer.

Indian Bride
Indian women are encouraged to voice their opinions towards the men they would marry.

Two days after the incident, the groom’s family attempted to arrange a simple ceremony to solemnize the incomplete marriage, but the bride’s side refused. They insisted their daughter wouldn’t tie the knot with such a man after that incident.

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