Chhattisgarh Man Married Two Women With Their Consent, Is Polygamy Allowed In India?

Hanima Anand |Jan 09, 2021

The man in Chhattisgarh happily informed that he married two women at the same time with their consent, but many people think this is against the law. What about you?

Given the number of different religious customs overlapping with the union law, the case of this man getting married to both girls in Chhattisgarh is causing a heated debate on social media.

Polygamy In India
For a long time, polygamy is an open-ended question to which Indians seek a common answer.

Indian man getting married to two women at the same time

According to ANI reports on Twitter, a man in Bastar, Chhattisgarh married two girls at the same time on January 3, 2021. The three people all attended a wedding ceremony in front of their families and villagers.

More importantly, the man in report confirmed that he married both women with their consent. Here’s his full statement to ANI:

"I married both of the women with their consent. The ceremony took place in front of all the villagers."

Indian Man Married Two Women 1
The man in Chhattisgarh who had a wedding with two women

There’s no detailed information about the man’s name or specific address, but the news is probably true when there are photos of characters involved.

In fact, this is not the first time we see this kind of wedding. Back in July, 2020, a man in Madhya Pradesh also had the same experience when getting married to both his girlfriend and the woman chosen by his family.

Indian Man Married Two Women 2
This MP man got married to both the woman he loved and the woman his parents chose.

To be specific, the MP man met his girlfriend when he was studying in Bhopal, MP but his parents found a girl for him in the village. After discussing the solution, both women agreed to live together with the man, so three families had no objection to the wedding at all.

Netizens debate whether polygamy is against Indian law

Reacting to the story of Chhattisgarh man, many Twitter users disapprove of his action. They claim that the man should be imprisoned because polygamy is illegal in the country.

However, some others affirm that this man didn’t violate the law considering the Hindu Marriage Act. In other words, if his tribe allows polygamy, customary marriage law could prevail the statutory law by Indian legislative authority.

Meanwhile, there’s another side that does not concern about laws but responsibilities this man would take after this unique marriage. Some worry that he couldn’t bear twice the responsibility while many believe he would only produce babies and leave the two women.

Twitter Users Comment On Polygamy In India
The public is polarized over the bizarre wedding in India.

What do you think? Should polygamy be allowed under any kind of law?

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