10 Rules That Every Guy Needs To Know Before Jumping Into An Open Relationship

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 30, 2019

If you are considering to be a part of an open relationship with your girlfriend, remember to take mental note of these 10 ground rules.

When you and your partner agree to a non-monogamous arrangement, that is the deal of an open relationship. However, it can only be healthy with proper care and dedication. You have to make sure that you are on the same page with your girlfriend, or else you are doomed right from the start.

An open relationship has its own set of guidelines, and anyone who knows the rule can obviously master this game. If you want yours to work out, scroll down for 10 things that you should know before opening up your relationship with a girl.

Open Relationship
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1. Her relationship is open does not mean that her legs are either. She might jump into bed with you, but remember that sex is not always on her To-Do list.

2. Sex is not always in her mind, but there are times that she is going to do it with you. However, do not expect much because she might only get interested in a hookup, nothing more and nothing less.

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3. She can set some boundaries, and you must act within them if you still want to be a part of this game. She will certainly come up with several rules, i.e how often can you two make love, or how many times does she need to see you per week. You can choose to go away, but once you agree to be a part of this open relationship, do not try to break the deal.

4. If you are considering to open your relationship, never think of your girlfriend as a cheater. She did not follow this path to be called "immoral" or "villain". She is not a heartless person, it is just that monogamy does not work for her. Respect your partner.

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5. Open relationships are all about communication. In case you cannot find the key to get you out of this labyrinth, just ask your partner directly. She is very open and easy to talk to. She is more than ready to tell you what she needs so that you do not have to figure it out by yourself.

6. Your girl can be very opinionated. She always knows what she wants to do and what she needs to have when it comes to an open relationship. In fact, she will not decide to jump in this ride if she is not even sure about herself.

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7. She loves sex. Though this might not be the only reason why she starts yearning for more polarity and diversity in her relationships - still, she enjoys it. However, as both of you are also exploring other sexual avenues at the same, practicing safe sex is recommended.

8. You may or may not expect this: An open relationship means teamwork. Besides your partner, you also have to work well with other people. From her partner to other girls that you are hanging out with, if you cannot balance things well, then this affair should never be a chapter in your life.

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9. Your partner does not spend time sweating the small stuff. Being mature and decisive, she knows how to assess her wants, values, and perspective in a proper way. She also negotiates those matters with more than one person before coming up with a solution. Do not bend her hopes and do not fool around.

10. You will never get bored of being in love with her. She always spices things up in her life, taking you on a roller coaster ride. It does not matter how long you two will be together, she makes sure that this will be an experience that you cannot forget. So do not hesitate any longer, let go of your preconceptions and enjoy every moment of this open relationship.


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