Sonam Kapoor's Top Choice Restaurants In Mumbai And There Is One Thing She Won't Ever Eat

Salena Harshini |Jun 27, 2019

As much as you are eager to update every detail of the honeymoon trip of Sonam Kapoor with her husband Ananad Ahuja, her top choice restaurants and this fitness secret of hers will make you more than curious.

Sonam Kapoor is enjoying the best time of her life in Japan. The actress is taking a big break along with her spouse Anand Ahuja, while it is her birthday, honeymoon and anniversary thrown in together. And we are all eager to witness their intimate moments, thanks to Instagram.

But while she and her spouse still make merry of every moment in the "Land of Cherry Blossoms", we are here to back you up and spill some beans about Kapoor’s top choice restaurants and what she has chosen to be completely wiped out of her diet. Therefore, you will feel just as marvelous and as well as her every day.

In a speedy talk with the GQ staff at GQ Best Dressed this year, the Bollywood actress unveiled she has great admiration for Le 15 Patisserie and Le Cirque Signature in Mumbai. Le 15 Patisserie is a Paris-café-styled bakery that serves genuine French desserts, along with coffee and quick bites.

This bakery is of the famed chef Pooja Dhingra. The latter mention is a European eatery that only serves dinner, locating in Bengaluru, Mumbai. The restaurant is highly recommended for its amazing ambiance and worth-for-each-penny food.

Anand Ahuja really has a thing for Thai cuisine and there is a Bandra restaurant in his favorite list, even though it is hard for him to remember its name. However, he did bring a thing of their fitness mystery to the light. The secret is home-cooked meal is their most favorite over everything and they steer clear of eating out as much as possible.

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Source: Instagram

What is more, Sonam assured that her diet includes no meat and that is one big contribution to her fitness. She said, “I don’t have any red meat.” We absolutely take no doubts about the outcome of this meat-free diet journey. Solid proofs are displayed in these terrific photos the actress has been sharing:

Anand, the name of that Thai restaurant is what we are still looking forward to. But just in case you crave Thai food, you can absolutely have a go at BusaGo at Pali Hill in Bandra.

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