Sonam Kapoor Hot And Ultra Curvaceous Stills Will Make You Fall Head Over Heels

Salena Harshini |Jul 12, 2020

These hot stills of Sonam Kapoor are absolutely a big treat to you as she is a reigning fashionista and a time bomb when it comes to sensuality.

Sonam Kapoor is the true fashionista of Bollywood as she can effortlessly carry any range of styles. Besides, she is also the one whose name can’t be missed in the list of hottest Bollywood actresses. So that is why Sonam Kapoor hot pictures would never disappoint and it would be a waste not gorging at them for a while.

Meanwhile, the actress has also graced the headlines several times with her controversial statements over time.

Taek a look at Sonam Kapoor hot pics as well as her controversial statements here

Indian males do not understand fashion unless they are not straight

This is one of the times she made people forget about Sonam Kapoor hot beauty and acting because of her very objective opinion. According to Sonam Kapoor, she thinks that Indian men do not understand sartorial sense unless they are gay. The actress gave this answer when she was questioned about her understanding of fashion sense.

sonam-kapoor-hot 1
With such an exquisite sense of fashion yet she seems to make not very subtle remarks towards others

As expected, she received intense backlash for her statement.

Sonam Kapoor calling Aishwarya Rai Bachchan an “aunty”

The Zoya Factor actress actually referred to actress Aishwarya Rai Bachan as “aunty”. The netizens have guessed that the reason might be because they are from different generations of B-town?

sonam-kapoor-hot 2
Sonam Kapoor hot curves you can't take your eyes off of

Later, Sonam Kapoor clarified,

“Ash has worked with my dad, so I have to call her Aunty na?”

Well, is it a well-answered response? Not many thought so.

sonam-kapoor-hot 3
The fashion guru has made argument-triggering statements towards her colleagues

“Ranbir Kapoor is a mama’s boy”

In a talk, a reporter once quizzed Sonam about her opinion on Ranbir Kapoor and his charm in the movie industry. She even questioned that were girls really drooling over Ranbir because he was not sexy at all.

sonam-kapoor-hot 4
Sonam Kapoor hot pose in a body-accentuating yellow dress

“Ranbir is a mama’s boy; his mother cuts his toenails for him!”

When Sonam Said Parineeti Chopra Should Not Wear Tight Clothes

On Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan, she was asked about her view on the fashion sense of Parineeti Chopra. She replied, “Don’t wear those tight clothes.”

sonam-kapoor-hot 5
Sonam Kapoor bikini is a vision to behold

When Sonam Kapoor said Deepika Padukone Does Not Have Her Own Style

Also on Koffee With Karan, the actress appeared alongside Anil Kapoor and said a serial of witless remarks regarding Deepika Padukone. When Karan Johar asked Sonam whether she had any advice of fashion for Deepika, she replied without knowing that it would create a controversy,

“Deepika doesn’t have her own style. She is not a clotheshorse. But she has upped her style now, thanks to Anaita Shroff Adajania.”

sonam-kapoor-hot 6
With her own usual subtle style, the actress has established herself as a fashionista-actress

In spite of the multiple times she created controversies, it is beyond doubt that Sonam Kapoor hot bod is the most admired in the industry.

She is a firm believer of exercising and following a healthy diet. After she got married to businessman Anand Ahuja, she gets even prettier and lively.

Not keeping the secrets to herself, she credits her beauty to two things, “love and fresh air”. And that is how we know Sonam Kapoor hot image is getting more and more superior after she got hitched.

sonam-kapoor-hot 7
Sonam Kapoor hot image gets even hotter atter she became wife of Anand Ahuja
sonam-kapoor-hot 8
Sonam Kapoor hot red look to make you go cray cray

When fans requested her to share some skincare routine advices, she also unveiled that they should drink lots of water, get vitamin C, sunblock, wipe off all the make-up and sleep well.

Especially, she thinks that beauty sleep really exists as the blood flow in one’s body would increase while a person takes a nap. Therefore, having a good sleep would also be a great factor contributing to one’s beauty.

sonam-kapoor-hot 9
The latest Sonam Kapoor hot picture she shared on Instagram

One way or another, sometimes also can’t resist the charm of foods. She is a born-foodie and she admitted that she is extremely into chaat. As Sonam Kapoor shared, street food and junk food of India are the best out of this world and nothing can come close to the level of them.

Words being said, it proves how determined she is to keep a lean body with such passion for food, anyway.

sonam-kapoor-hot 10
She has managed to keep a fit body despite the fact that she loves food do much

Although the entertainment activities have been postponed due to the spread of the global pandemic, the actress still does not fail to collect attention by posting updates on her social media account. Sonam Kapoor Instagram has now had 29.3 million followers.

On the professional front, her latest on-screen appearance is in the 2019 movie The Zoya Factor, adapted from the 2008 novel of Anuja Chauhan with the same name. The movie focuses on a girl named Zoya Solanki who turns to be the lucky charm for the Indian Cricket Team during Cricket World Cup in 2011.

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