Anand Ajuha Birthday: The Kapoor Sending Their Loving Birthday Wishes To Sonam Kapoor's Spouse

Salena Harshini |Jul 31, 2019

On Tuesday, Anand Ahuja officially turned 36 years old and it seems that he has received the most endearing wishes from his wife's family.

In the event of Anand Ajuha birthday, wifey Sonam Kapoor along with her parents Anil Kapoor, Sunita Kapoor as well as her sister Rhea all wished him the best and shared their salutations on the social media. The now 36-year-old businessman tied the knot with Sonam Kapoor last year.

Sonam Anand Photos From Vaction In Japan
Image Source: Instagram

Sonam Kapoor took to the Internet two photos of her and her dear spouse. One is their wedding photo in 2018 and the other one was taken recently.

Sonam captioned her Instagram post,

Screenshot 1

The beautiful actress also posted her husband’s childhood pictures, with someone who probably is his grandfather.

Another Kapoor who wished Anand a belated birthday was Rhea, sister of Sonam. Sharing two pics of her big sister and brother-in-law, Rhea captioned:

Screenshot 184

Sonam Anand

Sonam Anand 1
Source: Instagram

However, it seems that the coolest wish for Anand belongs to Anil Kapoor, his father-in-law. Posting photos of Anand Ahuja playing basketball, the father wrote in his caption box:

Screenshot 186

Sonam’s mother Sunita Kapoor also sent him a heartwarming birthday wish:

Screenshot 187

It really seems that Anand Ahuja is loved by the whole Kapoor family.
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