Poonam Pandey Arrested, Two Police Suspended For Her Nude Video In Goa

Hanima Anand |Nov 06, 2020

The adult star has to face punishment for her controversial video in which she undressed at Chapoli Dam without permission from local authorities.

Latest reports from Goa confirm that the actress and model Poonam Pandey was arrested on Thursday afternoon for the nude video she uploaded on social media several days ago. In the clip, she was seen posing naked at Chapoli Dam in Canacona.

The problem is she didn’t ask permission for shooting there while some local policemen even gave her protection while filming the clip.

Poonam Pandey Photo 1
This is not the first time Poonam and her husband were arrested in 2020.

According to South Goa SP Pankaj Kumar Singh, they have received a complaint against the actress from the water resources department on November 2. The complaint mentions the circulation of a vulgar video showing Poonam Pandey undressed at Chapoli Dam without permission.

Poonam Pandey Photo 2
The actress faces a charge of depicting women in an obscene way.

In fact, the actress has removed the controversial video after netizens stormed the post with harsh criticism. However, Goa police arrested Poonam on the charges of trespassing on the government property as well as an obscene depiction of women in general.

Police investigations found that on October 31, Poonam Pandey and her husband Sam Bombay had sneaked into the dam in the early morning. Joining them were two policemen who had the job of protecting the actress while filming the clip. These police officers have been suspended immediately.

Poonam Pandey And Sam Bombay
Not just Poonam and Sam, two other policemen were involved in filming the clip as well.

When the authority received the complaint, they quickly identified the five-star hotel that Poonam was staying with her husband. A notice had been sent to the actress, stating that she had to show up at Canacona police station on November 6.

Sources reported Poonam Pandey intended to leave Goa before the due date. That’s why yesterday, on November 5, she and her husband were detained by the police.

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Poonam Pandey Arrested In Goa
Goa police successfully detained the couple before they left.

Reacting to the news, most netizens agree with the arrest and found it necessary to prevent similar actions in the future. Some, however, questioned why Poonam was arrested but Milind Soman who ran nude on Goa beach on his birthday faces no punishment. What is the reason you think?

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