Who Is Milind Soman First Wife | Stories Of Six Women In His Life

Hanima Anand |Nov 05, 2020

The actor and model was known for his bold fashion statements and a Western lifestyle since the very first days he’s in the industry. However, not many know who is Milind Soman first life as well as his girlfriend list.

Yesterday, the Internet witnessed a storm created by the photo of Milind Soman running naked on the beach in Goa on his 55th birthday. Accordingly, the search for this man’s life stories saw a sharp rise, including the facts about women he has dated. While his current wife is well-known on social media, Milind Soman first wife remains a mystery to many.

Milind Soman First Wife Photo
With so many controversies around his women, who is Milind's first wife?

In this post, let’s trace back in time to see the six women whom Milind Soman fell in love with.

Milind Soman first wife - French actress Mylene Jampanoi

Milind Soman’s first wife is Mylene Jampanoi, a French actress and model. The two met each other while filming the French-German-Indian movie Valley of Flowers released in 2006.

Milind Soman First Wife 1
Mylene remains a sexy beauty icon till now.

They quickly fell in love and tied the knot in July of the same year at a resort in Goa despite the cultural barrier. However, the marriage life contains various issues that the couple hadn’t expected, let alone their different nationalities and backgrounds.

Milind Soman and Mylene decided to call it quit in 2008 but officially divorced three years after trying to build a home together.

Milind Soman first wife Mylene Jampanoi was born on 12 July, 1980 in Aix-en-Provence in France. Her father is Chinese while her mother is a French Breton.

Though Mylene Jampanoi was quite active in acting during 2002-2014, she didn’t leave much impression on the audience. In fact, the French model and actress was featured in some popular products like Kung Fu Panda or Martyrs, she lacked a blockbuster where she could play the protagonist to boost her fame.

Milind Soman First Wife 2
She is a perfect mixture of Asian and European beauties.

Owning an eclectic beauty from both Asian and European origins, Milind Soman first wife seems to be more successful in modeling career. She used to represent Dior Snow cosmetics by LVMN in Asia. She is also frequently seen on the privileged fashion magazine Elle.

However, in India, Mylene Jampanoi was known mostly as being the first wife of actor and supermodel Milind Soman.

Milind Soman First Wife 3
Milind and Mylene in an Indian traditional ceremony when they were married

Milind Soman girlfriends list

Milind is a lady killer, no doubt. Not just marrying a 26-year-younger wife, the supermodel and actor also has a list of sexy girlfriends as below.

Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre

Milind Soman’s first girlfriend known to the public is Madhu Sapre. She was the second runner-up in Miss Universe 1992. Being both models, the couple had multiple projects in common, in which the most controversial was the nude pic they posed together with a snake.

Madhu Sapre
Madhu Sapre is called the game-changer of Indian beauty pageants.

On his 55th birthday when he uploaded the photo running naked on the beach, netizens also recalled the infamous pic of Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre.

Milind Soman Birthday Photos
Fans immediately relate to the famous nude pic of Milind and his ex-girlfriend.

In fact, Milind and Madhu were never hesitant to show their boldness. During the 90s, they announced their live-in relationship, which caused a stir in India then. Despite sharing the same life philosophy, the two went in separate ways in 1995.

Milind Soman and Shahana Goswami

After divorcing his first wife, Milind Soman got into relationship with Shahana Goswami who is 21 years younger than him.

Shahana Goswami And Milind Soman
She used to be his muse, but not anymore.

The lovebirds were seen going out together quite often at almost every event at that time. However, after 3 years in romance, Milind Soman and Shahana broke up in 2013.

Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma

Actually, the relationship between Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma was never admitted by the two. Rumors were rife during 2000s that the supermodel was in deep love with Dipannita and their passion burst out in 2012 on the sets of the film Jodi Breakers.

Dipannita Sharma
Personally, Dipannita is among the most beautiful women in Milind's life.

People also said that Milind Soman and Dipannita Sharma used to live together with Bipasha Basu for a while before calling it quit.

Milind Soman and Gul Panag

Another relationship that Milind Soman kept it a secret is his love for Gul Panag. The two co-starred in the movie Jurm in 2005. Reports said that they got along like a house on fire and started dating not long after. However, Milind always asserted that he and Gul just had a professional relationship.

Do you believe his words?

Gul Panag
Gul Panag was once involved in rumored relationship with Milind Soman.

Milind Soman second wife Ankita Konwar

The current wife of Milind Soman is also a hot topic among netizens. In particular, Milind Soman wife age gap is the next controversy in his life while Ankita Konwar is 26 years younger than Milind.

Milind Soman Second Wife
Milind is even older than Ankita's mother.

Of course, Milind found no problem with the 26-year age gap as he used to date Shahana Goswami who was 21 years younger as well. But an average person might need some time to proceed the fact he clocked his 55th birthday when Ankita is just 29.

Anyway, their sweet moments while jogging in the morning or taking a swooning selfie will soon make you forget that concern.

Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar
The couple don't mind their large age gap. They just focus on love.

Above are six women who won the heart of Milind Soman at some time during his life. Though Milind Soman first wife is less known, she is among the most important people in Milind’s life for sure.

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