Bollywood Actors With Most Girlfriends: Hats Off For Sanjay Dutt And Ranbir Kapoor

Salena Harshini |Feb 22, 2020

Among many Cassanova in town, these are the Bollywood actors with most girlfriends. While some had several exes, some's lover number could count to hundreds!

Bollywood stars are well-known across the world and people pay them massive attention to their extravagant life, professional projects and especially their love affairs. Whether it is an alleged affair, a rumored couple, good friends, just friends or reportedly dating, who is the Bollywood actor with most girlfriends always seem intriguing to lots of people. Fans always wonder who their favorite stars are dating and have dates.

So, check out the Bollywood actors with most girlfriends that we have gathered here. You will get shocked with the number of girlfriends of Sanjay Dutt.

4. Shahid Kapoor

Prior to his marriage with Mira Rajput and being the father of two beautiful kids, Shahid Kapoor was involved with a number of other famous stars in the industry. His ex-lovers include Amrita Rao, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Anushka Sharma.

In a recent interview, Kareena Kapoor opens up about her break up with Shahid Kapoor, saying it's the plan of destiny that makes them part away.

Shahid was also rumored to have dated Sonakshi Sinha.

Shahid Bollywood Actors With Most Girlfriends
Shahid Kapoor is one of the Bollywood actors with most girlfriends

3. Salman Khan

As one of the most famous Bollywood actors who have a great impact all over the world, Salman Khan is the most desirable bachelor in India. The actor is not married yet his love affairs number can make some people jealous.

He is known to have 10 girlfriends including Shaheen, Somi Ali, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sangeeta Bijlani and Katrina Kaif.

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Salman Bollywood Actors With Most Girlfriends
Having that many exes yet Salman Khan still claims he is a virgin

2. Ranbir Kapoor

The good-looking actor has been known as kind of a lady killer in the industry as he is among the Bollywood actors with most girlfriends. Before finding the love of his life - Alia Bhatt, the B-town chocolate hero has dated a number of other Bollywood beauties.

His list of ex-girlfriends includes Imran Khan's spouse Avantika Malik, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, and Katrina Kaif. He is now in a happy relationship with actress Alia Bhatt.

Ranbir kapoor Bollywood Actors With Most Girlfriends
Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt marriage date is being highly awaited

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1. Sanjay Dutt

During the time when the trailer of Sanjay Dutt’s film Sanju was released, it was unveiled that the actor has been seeing 308 girlfriends! So far, his number of dates topped that of any other actor.

Sanjay Bollywood Actors With Most Girlfriends
Sanjay Dutt is the top among Bollywood actors with most girlfriends

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Among these Bollywood actors with most girlfriends, who impresses you the most? Share with us in the comment section below. And don't forget to update latest gossip with!


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