Best Pictures Of Alia Bhatt In Bikini & Her Know-How To Keep Body In Shape

Leela Adwani |Feb 19, 2020

Alia Bhatt in bikini is something that effortlessly kills us without a knife. Check out her best bikini looks below!

Alia Bhatt is, no need for introduction, one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood currently. Making her Bollywood debut in 2012 with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year, Alia is always aware of improving herself and day by day proves her as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive film industry. However, the actress is loved by many not only because of her excellent acting skill, her cuteness but also her hourglass figure. Alia Bhatt in bikini is something that effortlessly kills us without a knife.

Best Alia Bhatt bikini photo

The fact is that Alia seems to be loyal to the sweet image and she rarely shares her sexy photos on social media herself. However, pictures of Alia Bhatt in bikini are still doing the round on the Internet.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 4
Sexy baby doll

Even when donning swimwear, the Gully Boy actress tends to opt for cute and colorful ones and she looks like a sexy doll in this photo. The starlet is surely making many people’s hearts beat faster as she heads out for a swim with this attire. Especially the looks in Alia’s eyes are bound to bring the hell down immediately.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 5
How cool!

Alia once again manages to kill her fans with the hotness in this picture. Her natural charm, flamboyant personality, maddening looks are all combining to make a surreal visual treat.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 6
Alia strikes a pose on the beach

The 27-year-old actress makes it scorching hot with her sexy beach pose. Donning shorts and a crop top, even without bikini, Alia still looks relatively sexy in this frame.

Alia Bhatt beautiful bikini photoshoot

In the photoshoot with Vogue India, Alia proved her baby water with an amazing shoot underwater.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 3
Source: Vogue India

Meanwhile, in the picture with Bollywood star Sidharth Malhotra, Alia looked nothing short of burning hot.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 1
Source: Vogue India

Little do we know that for her screen debut in film Student Of The Year, Alia had to lose 20 kgs. However, she still looks and feels very healthy. In fact, in an interaction with media, Alia spilled the beans on her know-how to keep her body in shape.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 7
Alia is fitness freak

She follows a basic diet including a six-to-seven meal plan. Her breakfast typically has eggs, poha, and sandwich and it’s followed by healthy snacks like peanuts, fruits or makkhanas in the between meals. For lunch, she opts for homemade food that contains roti, dal, salad, and chawal. Her favorite dinner is curd rice. As she is a gym and yoga freak, post-workout the actress usually goes for coconut water and saffron nimbu paani.

Alia Bhatt bikini model
Source: Vogue India

Alia Bhatt new hot photos in bikini

Another tip to get a perfect body of Alia Bhatt is that she is a fitness lover. She is a keen follower of Pilates and also a frequenter on the social media feed of celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. With a serious spirit with fitness, it might stand to the reason that she owns a body to die for and Alia Bhatt in bikini is always one of the most-searched keywords on the Internet.

These bikini looks from her film Shandaar are truly drool-worthy and it’s bound to make many go weak at the knees.

Alia Bhatt new bikini photos
A burning hot look of Alia Bhatt in bikini

Alia Bhatt bikini model in movie
Amazing look in the film

Even from the Student of the year days when she was just a new kid on the block, Alia has been touted as the ultimate crush of many young hearts. The super hot frame from her first film makes our jaws drop.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 10
Alia Bhatt in Student of the year frame

Sultry and hot are surely two of the most suitable words to describe this Alia Bhatt in bikini look. Perhaps she looks like she’s out to steal our hearts with her sexiness.

Alia Bhatt In Bikini 12
Alia Bhatt In Bikini

To sum up, be it pictures of Alia Bhatt in bikini or swimsuit from her vacation, movie frames or professional photoshoots, Alia Bhatt is always the queen in the hearts of many people.


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