Jasmin Bhasin Is Out, Sonali Phogat Seizes A Chance To Confess Her True Feelings For Aly Goni

Leela Adwani |Jan 13, 2021

As soon as Jasmin was evicted, housemate Sonali Phogat also confessed her feelings for Jasmin’s boyfriend Aly Goni.

It’s not wrong to say the much-loved former Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin’s elimination from the show left many viewers, her housemates, and even the host in shock. However, nothing lasts forever, every party has to come to an end, so does the competition.

Jasmin left the house when her boyfriend Aly Goni is still in the show. That is predicted to have more dramas when she walked out of the show.

Sonali Phogat and Aly Goni

Sonali Phogat 2
Sonali Phogat is called a wild card contestant in the show

As soon as Jasmin was evicted, housemate Sonali Phogat also confessed her feelings for Jasmin’s boyfriend Aly Goni. In an episode, Arshi Khan disclosed Sonali’s secret to Aly and that made him go blushing.

Sonali Phogat And Aly Goni
She also has feelings for Aly Goni

GF Jasmin Bhasin’s reactions

While speculations are rife on the reactions of Jasmin after hearing another girl in the house has special feelings for her boyfriend when she is no longer in the house, the actress soon put an end to such speculations.

Jasmin Bhasins Reactions
Jasmin's reactions leave many stunned

Her answer after being asked about her feelings has stunned everyone. She said that what Sonali did was cute and she believes that her beau Aly knows how to deal with this kind of situation in a very graceful way.

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni’s relationship

It seems like the couple is ready to take their relationship to a higher level. Earlier, in an interview, she finally opened up on their marriage plan. She said that her parents will soon meet his parents when Aly is out of the show.

Jasmin Bhasin And Aly Goni
The relationship of the duo is so close

Jasly has always been one of the most loved couples in the show. They gave the audience a lot of major couple goals during their stint in Bigg Boss house.

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