Sara Gurpal Seen Exhausted With Injured Eyes When Leaving Bigg Boss, #JusticeforSara Goes Viral

Hanima Anand |Oct 15, 2020

The model also explained about her hidden marriage, calling it an abusive relationship that she had to walk out. Sara looks totally exhausted in the normal camera.

Just a few days ago, when Sara Gurpal first appeared on the much-awaited show Bigg Boss 14, her ex-husband suddenly came out to reveal their marriage. According to the Punjabi singer living in the US, he and Sara got married in 2014 but she couldn’t settle down here. The result was she came back to India, trying to get into the limelight.

Sara Gurpal 1
After slamming her for lies about marriage, fans are calling her back to the show.

Tushar Kumar, her ex-husband, even said he felt he was used by Sara all of those years. This man insisted that they haven’t divorced yet.

Reacting to Kumar’s shocking revelation, Sara Gurpal didn’t deny the fact they got married in 2014. However, she wants to highlight that the marriage with Tushar was abusive that every girl had the right to move on. The Bigg Boss contestant also questioned the reason why Tushar stepped out at this moment after four or five years of separation?

Sara said he was the least important person in her life. All the things he is doing is to get attention. She stated that the day she registered for Bigg Boss, Tushar was ready with the marriage certificate to get fame. However, she doesn’t care because her family, life and career is much more important.

Sara Gurpal Photo
Sara said she didn't care about her ex-husband as it was an abusive marriage.

Even though Sara Gurpal has countered Tushar’s accusation that she lied about her marital status to get into Bigg Boss 14, seniors of the house still agree to get her evicted from the show. In fact, Sara only got one nomination. She was shocked when hearing her name to be kicked out.

Yesterday, reporters captured the moment Sara left the show with her swollen red eyes. The injury was due to Nikki Tamboli’s acrylic nails in their bulldozer task. Despite the timely medical care from a doctor, Sara Gurpal didn’t get relief. It’s rumored she chose to leave the show for her health reasons.

Sara Gurpal Leaving Bigg Boss 14
Fans were shocked seeing Sara's bruised eyes in this pic. Photo credit: Viralbhayani Instagram

Quickly, the photo of Sara's eyes goes viral on social media, which makes fans worried about her health. Meanwhile, many people have expressed their disappointment towards seniors who removed Sara from the show and asked justice back for the Punjabi model. will update latest news related in our TV & Digital section. Check our website daily for more!

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