Sana Khan Net Worth 2021 | How Much Does It Change After Her Marriage?

Salena Harshini |Feb 08, 2021

After her marriage, people hardly heard of Sana Khan's work but she is, in fact, earning a great deal from her own business. Check updates on Sana Khan net worth in 2021 here!

Sana Khan who started her career in 2005 has decided to quit acting in late 2020. As she was a diligent actress before getting married and stop acting, Sana Khan net worth is still of broad and current interest.

Sana Khan net worth
What Sana Khan is doing for her living post marriage evokes much curiosity.

Here is a look at the former actress’s income before and after leaving the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, your question about Sana Khan husband, parents, and more are also answered.

Sana Khan net worth

According to reports, Sana Khan earns her income from many sources such as her movies and TV shows. For the record, she charged at least 50 lakh of Indian rupees per episode she's in. Though her remuneration are yet to be revealed in exact number, there are some clues about her net worth before and after she quit acting.

By estimations, Sana Khan net worth in 2021 after marriage is around Rs 10 crore to Rs 74 crore ($1.5 million - $10 million). Before marriage, her wealth is estimated up to $5 million, but this number increases when she got married to the diamond businessman Anas Saiyad. Sana Khan's husband is a billionaire for the international diamond business he owns. He purchased a palace in Gujarati worth Rs 20 crore.

Sana Khan Range Rover Evoque
Sana Khan acquired this Range Rover Evoque when she was still in the showbiz.

For those who have not known, Sana Khan's properties also include very expensive assets. She has a Range Rover in her car collection whose price is around Rs 2 crore in 2020. Though hardly is there information about her other assets, fans often spot Sana Khan wearing designer clothes from top-notch brands as well as luxury bags and accessories.

Before Sana Khan wedding with Sayiad, Sana Khan net worth came from numerous ad films she has been part of. The actress has done over 50 ad films as of late, including those for Secret Temptation, Xbox 360 video game consoles, Amul Macho, and more. The actress was also Celebrity cricket League’s brand ambassador.

Sana Khan Luxury Honeymoon In Kashmir
Sana Khan enjoyed a luxury honeymoon with hubby in Kashmir.

After she retired from the film industry for the call of love, Sana Khan net worth witnesses some fluctuations but it seems that she does not have to worry much. In fact, the former actress has her own business to generate income other than her husband's support.

What does Sana Khan do now?

In October last year, she announced that she wanted to stop acting to serve humanity. For the unversed, she is the owner of a skincare clinic named Face Spa by Sana Khan, which is now her main source of income.

Sana Khan clinic was founded in 2018 and seems to be going well. The spa focuses on products for beauty like soap, serum, vitamins for hair and skin. Her clinic also does treatment activities like botox, peels, 24k gold facial, and more.

Meanwhile, she also shared a video telling how she herself has been managing her work while staying in Surat with her husband. Apparently, the former actress did support her husband in running their family business.

In the video, she tells us that when she is in Surat, she sees her work through the phone. At the same time, when she has to come to Mumbai, her husband Anas also handles the work through phone. She said her and her husband's work was going on like this to address curious questions related to her job after leaving the film industry.

Sana Khan husband

Ever since she made netizens open-mouthed with her decision to be married, netizens have been curious about her husband. How rich is Sana Khan husband? We could say that Mufti Anas is much richer than her, in fact.

Sana Khan And Husband
Sana Khan's husband runs a diamond merchant with global branches.

Coming from Surat, Gujarat, he is an Islamic scholar and religious leader. Reportedly, grapevines said that Ejaz Khan introduced Mufti to Sana Khan. At the age of 37, he is famous for his luxurious lifestyle. For the unknown, he and his family own a massive diamond merchant.

He has a huge palace at Surat, Gujrat and it costs around Rs 20 crore. Meanwhile, he also owns some other property across and outside India which are worth more than Rs 50 crore each.

As per various sources, Sana Khan husband is a billionaire and his net worth just increases every day. Combining with Sana Khan net worth, their combined assets would be mind-blowing.

Sana Khan parents & biography

Born and raised in Mumbai, Sana was a part of several television commercials before she began her full-fledged acting career.
She was born to Malayali father and Marathi mother Saeeda. Her family isn’t involved in any film business but still her mother Saeeda supported Sana Khan from the beginning.

Sana claims her mother to be her biggest moral support in her life. The former actor also mentioned in many media interactions that her mother has been her 'moral support'.

Sana Khan And Parents
A rare photo of Sana Khan parents in her wedding

Sana Khan has gone through many public controversies. Apart from her Amul Macho controversy, Sana made news for an incident with Melvin Louis, wherein they shared screenshots of conversations, made some explosive statements, and even planned to take legal action.

She rose to fame after her appearance in the Tamil film, Silambattam which was well-received by the audience. Since then, she also starred in other South Indian movies in Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu languages. Sana Khan was a part of Salman Khan's Jai Ho and Akshay Kumar's Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.

As far as her contribution to the television industry is concerned, Sana was a part of Bigg Boss 6. After which, she made guest appearances in the 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th season. She was last seen in Neeraj Pandey's Special Ops, alongside Karan Tacker, Vipul Gupta and others.

Sana Khan Net Worth photo
With her talent and dedication, we believe Sana Khan net worth would multiply through years.

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