Top 10 Mahira Sharma Hairstyle That Can Seduce Men At First Sight

Hanima Anand |Oct 15, 2020

No need for a flimsy sleepwear, any woman can adopt these sizzling Mahira Sharma hairstyle to turn their men on in a few seconds. See how this girl did it!

Mahira Sharma might not be the most beautiful actresses on screen but she is surely among the most stylish celebs in town. The evidence is whenever she shows up, Mahira Sharma hairstyle makes both men and women go crazy for its perfect look.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 1
With this curvy hairstyle and sparkling lehenga, Mahira looks like a Goddess.

From long wavy hair to a messy bun on top, these Mahira Sharma sexy pics can’t be complete without her amazing hairstyles.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 2
This messy updo is exactly what you need if inviting boyfriend to your house!

While enjoying the best photos of Mahira Sharma hairstyles, let’s read some interesting facts about this actress and model.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 3
For long straight hair, you can tie it like this. Don't try to be a perfectionist, that's the key for this hairstyle!

Mahira Sharma was born on November 25, 1997 in Jammu & Kashmir to a Brahmin family. She has one brother whose name is unknown.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 4
Oh my goodness, this hairdo makes us go weak for its super girliness.

Mahira Sharma had her debut in 2016 with the role Shilpi in the TV movie Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan. However, it’s not until she joined Bigg Boss 13 that she received a nationwide recognition. Mahira Sharma hairstyle is also paid much attention to after she attended the show.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 5
If you are too lazy in the morning, opt for this!

The TV actress and model is reported to be dating Abhishek Sharma who is also an actor. However, they hardly reveal any information to the public.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 6
Not sure if her hair can look neat like this if having her boyfriend in the room.

Talking about her personality, Mahira is known as a very short-tempered person who broke a table while shooting a show. She is also involved in several scandals such as plastic surgery and forgery case earlier this year. To be specific, the Bigg Boss 13 contestant was accused of faking a certificate from the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 7
The sailor moon hairstyle is every inch fit with jeans and a sporty shirt.

However, fans soon forget that scandal. Instead, they are more curious about Mahira Sharma before surgery. In fact, there aren’t many photos of Mahira before Bigg Boss or even her debut.

Mahira Sharma Before Surgery And After
A rare photo of Mahira Sharma before surgery

Based on some old photos of her which are mostly blurry, we can notice Mahira Sharma before surgery didn’t have such full lips as now. Her face angles are probably changed to match with her new look.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 8
If having a floral dress, you can't miss this Korean bang style.

Back to our main topics of Mahira Sharma hairstyles, though she often vary the way she ties or braids her hair, it has their own rule of hairdo. Most of the time Mahira Sharma keeps her long hair. Whether it’s made curly or straightened out, her favorite hair colour remains brunette.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 9
Full view of the long straight hairstyle above.

There are some occasions Mahira Sharma changes to short bang, which turns her into a teenage girl. To complete her look, a layer cut with slight curls at the end is a perfect match.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 10
Tired of bob? Give this layer cut a go!

The last Mahira Sharma hairstyle we want to introduce today is this mermaid look. Though everything looks perfect, fans of Alia Bhatt are not pleased with this Mahira Sharma sexy pics. They accuse the TV actress of copying Alia's photoshoot before. Personally, we guess similarities are unavoidable in the fashion world. It's just who wears it better.

Mahira Sharma Hairstyle 11
Next time you wear your gown, don't forget the Mermaid hairstyle!
Alia Bhatt dress and hairstyle
The similar dress and hairstyle of Alia Bhatt in her previous photoshoot.

To see more of Mahira Sharma hairstyles, you can follow her Instagram accounts. Or come back to for daily updates on Hottest Photos of Bollywood actresses!

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