"Roma" Deserves To Win Best Picture in Oscars 2019!

Kanchana Ngan |Feb 23, 2019

The 91st Academy Awards will soon be held on February 24, 2019. Among the candidates, Roma deserves to have its own trophy due to following reasons.

The 91st Academy Awards is just around the corner, and the eager can be easily recognised. The world-wide award will honour the best works in different categories, and Best Picture is one of the most anticipated prizes. This year, the nominated list seems to be a little bit strange as including one fiction superhero film, two political satires, a KKK-related movie, a comedy, Freddie Mercury biopic and a romantic movie.

Among all of those candidates, Roma is highly looked forward. The critically-acclaimed black-white film is directed by director Alfonso Cuaron, who delved into his childhood unforgettable memories to bring alive an intense reflected story.

Roma Movie
"Roma" is predicted to deserve the Best Picture prize best. 

So what are the reasons for Roma to be so loved? Below we will provide some possible information.


Roma emerges out of various candidates, even though the history of the Best Picture category. It is not easy for a black-and-white movie without any well-known actors joined the cast to receive a nod from both audience and critics.

The film centres around Cleo, a young woman who works for a middle-class family in Mexico in 1970. In a situation when class differences are presented, Cleo is only considered a servant. It is depicted clearly in various scenes such as Cleo sitting on the floor next to the couch or having just a small treat in her corner while the family enjoys a glamorous New Year party.

However, the main actress can remain a pure heart when being put in examining situations with four children. Not only does she take good care of the kids, but she also acts as their surrogate parents. For example, Cleo is willing to play dead with Pepe on the roof, or stop whatever she is doing to comfort the child after a severe fight with his elder brother.


Roma is carefully and passionately directed, which makes it become a perfect harmonisation between tragedy, comedy and mystery. Take a particular scene as an instance, Cleo strides through rising waters to save a child, so calmly and determinedly, without any screaming or even flailing waters. Cuaron put his best effort into bringing this piece of art alive. Yalitza (Cleo)'s an excellent on-screen performance also significantly contributes to the film's success.

Generally, Roma deserves to win the Oscar for Best Picture as it subtly touches our heartstrings.

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