"Leaving Neverland": Inside The Shocking Documentary About Michael Jackson’s Alleged Victims.

Priyansh Ha |Mar 08, 2019

'Leaving Neverland' is a controversial documentary of HBO which unveils the heart breaking story of two men who were abused by Michael Jackson at the age of 7 and 10.

Leaving Neverland is a controversial documentary of HBO which unveils the heartbreaking story of two men who were abused by Michael Jackson at the age of 7 and 10.


The first part was on air on March 3 featuring the two victims, James Safechuck and Wade Robson. Both of them were just young boys when the cases happened, having a long time living in Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. They filed the lawsuits against the estate but were rejected technically. Apart from calling these two men “admitted liars", the Jackson estate also sued HBO over the shocking documentary.

On the other hand, Wade Robson even testified in the 2005 law court that Michael Jackson was innocent of child molestation charge.

In the four-hour documentary, the two men reveal the details of their experiences with the late King of Pop. They also tell how they come over the trauma and recover from it. Scroll down for a brief of the movie, for who and where they are now.


Wade Robson

According to Wade Robson, he met Jackson for the first time when he was a 7-year-old kid winning a Michael Jackson dancing contest. Their relationship lasted for 7 years until Robson was 14.

As a young boy, Robson was unable to speak the truth for so long. “He told me if they ever found out what we were doing, he and I would go to jail for the rest of our lives,” he says in the trailer of Leaving Neverland.

More than 20 years have gone since the case happened. Robson these days is a 36-year-old successful choreographer. He is the one in charge of dance routines for *NSYNC and Britney Spears. He has also got married and been a father of a son.


Jame Safechuck

In comparison to Robson’s, Safechuck’s story is way more harrowing. Acting in a Pepsi advertising, the 10-year-old boy had a chance to meet the King of Pop.  According to him, the singer gave him many pieces of jewellery as rewards for “sexual acts”.

The young man also had a hard time at his 20s getting addicted to drugs. After struggling to quit taking drugs, he still had to deal with the consequence of the alleged exploitation.

Fortunately, Safechuck is gradually getting over his past. He’s working in the tech, having a small family with his wife and a 9-year-old-son. It was the moment when his son came out, Safechuck realized that it wasn’t his fault for the dark time he had.

According to him, it was Michael who made him feel like he did it. Robson also said the same in interaction with CBS that he always felt like he was the chosen one.

“We can’t change what happened to us and we can’t do anything about stopping Michael. He’s dead. That’s gone. What happened happened. The feeling is, what can we do with it now?” said Robson in the movie premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

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