Rakhi Sawant Wants A Second Chance To Enter Bollywood, Regrets Ruining Her Life For One Signature

Hanima Anand |Dec 10, 2020

In her latest interview, the controversial actress Rakhi Sawant unveiled many stories about her life that were never told before.

Since she entered the popular Salman-Khan-hosted show, Rakhi Sawant is paid more attention, but mostly for controversial statements or incidents she’s involved in the past. For the first time, in a recent interview with ETimes TV, Rakhi shared untold stories about her life, from the time she went bankrupt to the reason why she got into the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Rakhi Sawant And Rahul Vaidya In Bigg Boss
Even after joining BB14, Rakhi doesn't stop storming with other contestants.

Rakhi Sawant needs to win Rs 50 lakh in the show

The first and foremost reason why she determined to enter BB14 is the need for money. The bold actress who has worked for over 2 decades in the industry is now facing a serious shortage of money. She said she went bankrupt to be exact.

Rakhi Sawant Controversial Dress
Rakhi is often linked to controversial incidents, but these hidden stories change the way we see her.

Though she has worked nonstop as a dancer or attending almost any kind of show she’s invited to, Rakhi Sawant is still in desperate need of finance, which forces her to aim at the BB14 prize of Rs 50 lakh. Remember the time she was injured in a wrestling video, we feel a bit pity for this woman who has to accept dangerous offers to survive in the industry.

In fact, Rakhi said she was cheated by a person who is very close to her. That person took all her money and properties, leaving her in a deep depression after the incident. And now she needs the cash prize more than anyone in the show.

Rakhi wants a second chance into Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan

Rakhi Sawant is no longer a young actress, nor does she have extra-ordinary talent to make a bounce back to the screen. However, she truly wants a second chance to enter Bollywood again by winning Bigg Boss 14, a kind of event that never happened in her life.

Rakhi Sawant In Bigg Boss 14
Entering BB14 with a strong determination, will Rakhi Sawant make it big?

Though a major reason why she joined the show is about money, she admits that she always longs for a day when she could be featured in Bollywood movies again. That’s, in the end, the dream of every actress regardless of their age.

Comparing herself to Mr. Bachchan, Rakhi said she wanted to use this opportunity in BB14. Even a person like Amitabh Bachchan who went bankrupt did ask the producers again for work, so there’s no reason why she couldn’t do that.

Sohail Khan helped Rakhi Sawant to enter Bigg Boss 14

Rakhi shared that when she was desperate after being cheated, she didn’t feel shy to ask for work in the industry. She messaged Sohail Khan that she wanted to do Bigg Boss to be back in Bollywood. Sohail probably talked to Salman Khan, then Rakhi got a card to the house.

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Rakhi Sawant In A Game Show
Sohail Khan used to defend Rakhi Sawant amid her scandals.

After entering the house, the bold actress feels she is there to entertain people and win the show. No matter how strong other contestants are, she will try her best to shine with this valuable opportunity.

Rakhi Sawant ruined her life for one signature, realized the importance of education

According to her sharing, Rakhi Sawant didn't receive a proper education when she was young. She was born in a poor family who couldn’t afford schooling fees for all children. Only Rakhi’s brother was allowed to study at school.

When she joined the industry, she thought she could survive in the industry with her intuitions and hard work. However, a single mistake ruined her career.

Rakhi Sawant In Saree
Rakhi Sawant knew she could do better if guided properly.

She was fooled to sign a number of documents which turned out to be the worst decisions in her life. Due to that one signature, she lost everything. She trusted people but they back stabbed her.

From that incident, she hardly trusts anyone. She also realizes the importance of education. If she were a more educated girl, she might have not fallen prey to such trap.

Luckily, Rakhi Sawant didn’t resort to extreme actions after being cheated. She was depressed but gradually bounced back stronger, and now ready to fight for her career all over again.

At the end of the interview, Rakhi Sawant promised she would unveil more of her life stories in Bigg Boss 14. Let’s wait and see what this girl could do to claim her spotlight back!

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