From Rakhi Sawant In Modi Dress To Her Wrestling Video, 5 Times Rakhi Sawant Made Headlines

Hanima Anand |Dec 07, 2020

Rakhi Sawant is causing controversies on the Internet when gaining a card to enter Bigg Boss 14 show last evening. Previously, she constantly made headlines for shocking actions.

Though Indian netizens are fed up with Rakhi Sawant’s scandals, they one more time saw her on Bigg Boss 14 this year. In case you don’t know her profile, here are times when she rocked the Internet, in which Rakhi Sawant in Modi dress photos are among the most shocking ones.

Rakhi Sawant 1
Rakhi Sawant's fashion statement itself is controversial.

1/5 Rakhi Sawant Modi dress

Fame or reputation is addictive. Once you got it, you would never want to let it go. That’s why many people such as Rakhi would do everything to bring her back to the spotlights by all means.

In 2016, people spotted Rakhi Sawant wearing a Modi dress with the pictures of PM Narendra Modi printed intentionally on sensitive parts. What’s even more shocking is where she put on this outfit.

Rakhi Sawant In Modi Dress 1
Rakhi intentionally printed PM Modi photo on sensitive parts.

Rakhi Sawant in Modi dress was confirmed to be in the pre-Independence Day party which celebrated the 70th anniversary of Indian Dependence. The event was held by the Federation of Indian Americans in the US.

Rakhi Sawant In Modi Dress 2
The actress and dancer wasn't shy away from flaunting the dress publicly.

The fact that Rakhi strategically opted for the Modi dress in this party made every Indian feel insulted, let alone those attending the same event. Of course when the pictures went viral, Rakhi Sawant Modi dress was harshly criticized.

2/5 Rakhi Sawant wrestling video

The infamous Rakhi Sawant wrestling incident wasn’t her mistake actually. It’s during 2018 promotion video for Khali’s Continental Wrestling that Rakhi acted in a dance battle with Rebel, an American female wrestler. Not sure whether they have been told what to do on purpose before, but Rebel suddenly caught hold of Rakhi and threw her to the ground.

Rakhi Sawant then fell unconscious, suffered a back injury and rushed to the hospital. Since then, whenever people mention this dancer and model, Rakhi Sawant wrestling video is always among the first topics they would discuss.

3/5 Rakhi Sawant marriage

Besides Rakhi Swant in Modi dress photos, for such a scandalous celebrity, even Rakhi Sawant marriage could stir the Internet for her controversial decisions.

Rakhi used to join a reality show to find her future husband in 2009. It’s called Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and she successfully found a Canadian gentleman named Elesh Parunjanwala. However, shortly after the show, Rakhi announced she called off their engagement due to differences in lifestyle. It turned out she first wanted to marry this guy for money only, claimed herself later.

Rakhi Sawant 2
Among all her marriage rumours, Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalak were paid most attention.

In 2018, Rakhi Sawant marriage news once again broke out. Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalak, the bride and groom-to-be, were all set to tie the knot with their romantic love stories. All of a sudden, the model canceled her wedding with Deepak in December of the same year.

Last year, Rakhi Sawant husband was finalized as Ritesh, a UK-based NRI. Unlike her previous relationships, the businessman was claimed to meet her on WhatsApp. Rakhi's husband Ritesh was also reported to be her fan who truly loved her.

Rakhi Sawant And Husband Ritesh
Ritesh, Rakhi's husband, is reportedly a UK-based businessman.

Rakhi and Ritesh had a court marriage and a Catholic wedding in front of close friends and family members only. She is a Christian while he was a Hindu.

4/5 Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh

Back in 2006, Rakhi Sawant made headlines for her kissing photo with Mika Singh. However, it wouldn’t be a big problem if Rakhi didn’t file a complaint against the Indian singer.

Rakhi Sawant And Mika Singh
Reactions of Rakhi Sawant before, during, and after Mika Singh kissed her in his birthday party.

To be specific, Rakhi claimed Mika Singh had kissed her without her consent. The picture of Mika Singh kissing Rakhi Sawant at a party then emerged online as an evidence of the allegation. The photo went viral for several days but reports on the incident were not seen after.

5/5 Rakhi Sawant plastic surgery

Though cosmetics surgery is no longer a strange thing in the entertainment world, Rakhi Sawant plastic surgery statements. In the show Koffee with Karan, Rakhi hinted about her surgery by saying that ‘Jo cheezein God nahi deta, doctor dete hain.’

Later, she is more open about the experience. Rakhi shared that she had faced a number of rejections, so she resorted to plastic surgery to improve her look. Here are her full statements:

"My family never approved of me getting into the (entertainment) industry and would beat me up black and blue if they would ever find me dancing. When I finally reached Mumbai, I started dancing and showcasing my talent in front of many producers who would also see me in a bad light. I thought that I would rather dance at a dance bar than in front of such inconsiderate people. I faced innumerable rejections and resorted to surgery to improve my looks and appearance. I went into the surgery room as my former self Neeru Bheda but came out as a new and improved version of my own self.”

However, many fans say that they find Rakhi of the past more beautiful than her post-surgery version.

Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before After
Rakhi Sawant before and after surgery

In fact, these 5 scandals are just the most notorious ones and even Rakhi Sawant in Modi dress or wrestling video are not the most controversial incidents related to this actress. Earlier this year, Rakhi Sawant claimed Sushant Singh Rajput would be reborn in her womb. Though everyone knows this is just a hook for attention, many fans can't stop commenting on her statement thereafter.

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