Pavitra Punia Husband Accuses Her Of Cheating Four Times During Marriage, Including Paras Chhabra

Hanima Anand |Dec 01, 2020

The evicted BB14 contestant is facing serious accusations from her husband Sumit Maheshwari. Previously, Pavitra said her engagement with Sumit was called off before their wedding.

It seems Pavitra Punia is having a hard time recently when she was evicted from Salman-Khan-host show Bigg Boss 14 just one week before the grand finale. In the latest report, Pavitra Punia husband Sumit Maheshwari also accused the actress of cheating on him up to 4 times during their marriage.

Pavitra Punia Photo 1
Pavitra Punia's husband decided to spill the beans after her journey at BB14 ended.

Pavitra Punia husband texted Paras to warn about her affairs

In fact, Pavitra used to talk about her relationship with a businessman who is probably Sumit Maheshwari, a hotelier. However, Pavitra said that they were engaged but then called off their engagement. From her sharing, people could infer that she never got married to this man.

Pavitra Punia Photo 2
Even when she was already evicted, Pavitra didn't admit she was married.

All of a sudden, Sumit Maheshwari raised his voice that he was married to Pavitra Punia but Pavitra asked him to hide their relationship to the public when signing Bigg Boss 14. Sumit revealed the truth after his ex-wife got evicted from the show last Sunday.

According to Sumit, Pavitra Punia and Sumit Maheshwari were still husband and wife. They were engaged and indeed got married but she didn’t want to disclose the truth. Pavitra Punia husband also accused her of having had affairs four times with Paras Chhabra and Pratik Sehajpal during their marriage.

Pavitra Punia Husband and Boyfriend
Pavitra with her husband (left) and alleged boyfriend Paras.

More shockingly, Sumit said he found out Pavitra’s affairs with Paras Chhabra when they were celebrating their wedding anniversary because Paras stayed at the same hotel in Goa as Pavitra.

The husband then texted Paras to inform Pavitra’s marriage status and ask him to wait till they filed a divorce. He felt that the cheating experience of Pavitra was an insult to him and his family. As for Sumit, he still has a tattoo of Pavitra Punia on his hand, affirming that nothing had changed from his side.

Pavitra Punia Photo 3
With her sultry image, it's easy for any man to fall prey to Pavitra.

Pavitra Punia husband on Pavitra – Eijaz romance in BB14

About the romance of Pavitra and Eijaz Khan on Bigg Boss 14, Pavitra Punia husband said he didn’t find their relationship genuine though he was shocked when seeing their intimate manners towards each other. However, the experience he got during the marriage with Pavitra taught him that she was an opportunist.

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Pavitra Punia And Eijaz Khan
Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan had a romantic time in Bigg Boss house.

In response to Pavitra Punia husband’s statement, the Bigg Boss 14 contestant chooses to keep silent. On her Instagram account, she constantly updates news on the show as well as posts daily photos as if nothing happened.

Pavitra Punia Photo 4
Let's wait for the response from her side.

We will update more information on TV & Digital News column.

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