Senior Shehnaaz Gill Brought A Special Gift To Pavitra Punia And Eijaz Khan On Bigg Boss 14

Hanima Anand |Nov 02, 2020

Invited to the show as a special guest, Shehnaaz Gill has set up a romantic date night for the Bigg Boss 14 lovebirds Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan. Check their swooning moments!

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 14 is proof that the show not just involves fierce competition but also serves as a dating app for sprouting love. The couple Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan are the ones to get luck this time when they can enjoy a night of romance right on the show.

Bigg Boss 14 Update
Shehnaaz Gill was the surprise element in the latest Bigg Boss 14 episode.

To be specific, Shehnaaz Gill, who rose to fame after participating in Bigg Boss 13, was invited as a special guest in the last night show (November 1) of Bigg Boss 14. Shehnaaz immediately announced a ‘prem task’ for Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan right when she came to the house.

Shehnaaz Gill In Bigg Boss 14
Shehnaaz Gill opts for a pastel traditional dress to the show.

It turned out Shehnaaz Gill wanted to ask some questions about the two, particularly their feelings towards each other. The former Bigg Boss contestant asked Eijaz that Pavitra had hugged him how many times while she was curious about what qualities in Eijaz that Pavitra was impressed with.

Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss 14 photo 1
Pavitra felt a temptation to care for Eijaz.

With their sincere emotions, the couple totally convinced Shehnaaz Gill of their relationship. Eijaz remembered exactly Pavitra had hugged him 13 times at least. He didn’t forget to praise her as an emotional but explosive personality. Meanwhile, Pavitra could see a kid in Eijaz who needed her care and pampering.

Eijaz Khan Bigg Boss 14
Eijaz counts every time Pavitra hugged him in the show.

Touched by the lovebirds’ sharing, Shehnaaz Gill arranged a romantic date for the two. Inside a private corner in the house, a rickshaw decorated with flowers, drinks, and snacks was laid there for the couple. Eijaz then took his girl there, calling it a date of Meerut style.

Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss 14 Photo 2
Eijaz feels Pavitra is an emotional but explosive woman. She is like having a bomb inside.

During the date night, Eijaz expressed all his feelings towards Pavitra, saying he feared that he had to fight with her the following day because he didn’t want to be rude to his love.

Pavitra and Eijaz also ran around the rickshaw in happiness. They even danced in romance and hugged each other tightly.

Do you think there would be more couples out of Bigg Boss 14? Or will Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan maintain their relationship till the season ends?

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