Loren Gray Unknown Facts -Things You Didn't Known About The Hottest TikTok Star Global

Bhavna Acharya |Jul 07, 2020

Check out interesting facts about Loren Gray, an ordinary 16-year-old teen girl who soared into stardom thanks to her viral singing videos.

When it comes to Tiktok US, Loren Gray is no doubt the reigning queen who gained more than 45M followers and 2.5B likes on the video sharing platform. From a ordinary 16-year-old teengirl, Loren Gray quickly soared into stardom thanks to her viral singing video.

However, she is testing her limit and stepping into the real entertainment world instead of being just a social media influencer. When it’s not difficult to find basic information about the talented stunner, there will be some interesting facts about her you might not know. Keep on reading for the untold story about Loren Gray.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 1
Loren Gray - one of the most followed TikTok star in the US and Global

1. She is not only a TikTok star

Although TikTok has brought her to fame, Loren Gray also has a huge fan base on other social media handles like Instagram and Youtube. After going viral on the video sharing app in 20 July 2020, she gained 19.6M followers on Instagram and 3.8M followers on Youtube.

You can find everything on her youtube channel from her singing video to makeup tutorial and her daily basis.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 2
She is wild and sexy at the age of 17

2. Loren Gray real name

While most people think that her real name is Loren Gray, the fact is her full name is Loren Gray Beech with her last name might be mistaken for bad meaning. That was also the reason why she used to be teased at school and decided to remove it out of her social media name.

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Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 3
She used to be bullied for her real name Loren Gray Beech

3. Her inspiration

If you’ve followed Loren Gray for quite a while, you will see that she created a lot of contents relating to the Batman female villain Harley Quinn. In fact, the comic character is a huge source of inspiration to the teenage star that she also made a Harley Quinn makeup look tutorial.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 4
Haley Quinn is her favorite character and a big source of inspiration

4. Loren Gray boyfriend

At the age of 17, the rising star had in her hand a few relationships with the first one started when she was only 14. She started dating another tik tok star Joey Kisluk who is 2 years older than her in 2017 but the pair parted away amicably and the reason was they ‘grew distant from each other’.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 5
Apart from being a tiktok star, she also gain reputation on Instagram and youtube

The next one to join Loren Gray boyfriend list is Geo whose real name is Juwany Roman. Indeed, the pair only made their relationship public when they split up from another. According to Loren, as her reputation was accumulating, her boyfriend was more controlling and jealous which spoiled their relationship.

However, breaking up with Geo turned out to be a mess as he was unwilling g to let go. According to the TikTok star, her mother had to talk with his about the situation and settle it down.

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Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 6
She also features in Taylor Swift music video The Man and the scene she rolling her eye went viral on the internet

5. Loren Grey scandal with Baby Ariel

While the hot social media influencer set her reputation for being a nice and friendly teenage girl who treat people kindly and say no to bullying others, Loren Gray was in the limelight while fans discovered an old video of her mocking another YouTuber Baby Ariel, saying she is 'irrelevant'.

The video took everyone in shock as there was a huge wave of backlash against her that she had to set her account to private and remained silent for a while.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 7
The reigning queen of TikTok US is accelerating more than 45M followers

6. Records deal

Rising into stardom via TikTok with viral singing videos, Loren Gray, however, hopes that one day her own songs can go viral just like her cover videos. Her dream came true when the ambitious girl signed with Virgin Records from the Capitol Music group. This is no doubt the new chapter of her life.

Loren Gray tiktok star unknown facts loren gray hot 8
The more reputation she gets, the more money she earns

7. Loren Gray salary

In fact, like much other social media influencers, her income comes from many different courses but mainly via advertising and brand endorsements. In addition to that, she is also racking in money as a singer. Her contract for the first album was paid $550,000 in advance while none of the work has yet to be done and the possible income she might get from the project is possibly up to $4.8 million.

Check out one of the hottest music videos from Tiktok star Loren Grey Queen which collected more than 15M views on Youtube:

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