A Sneek Peak Into Jannat Zubair Net Worth With Mind-Blowing Assets

Leela Adwani |May 15, 2020

Being one of the most famous young names in Indian entertainment industry, Jannat Zubair has earned a great deal at the age of 19. Take a look at her net worth and properties below!

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is not a strange name with Indian teenagers. Every girl of her age probably dreams of a life like Zubair, with such a huge number of followers on social media and a fashionable lifestyle. However, that is nothing compared to Jannat Zubair net worth at the age of 19, along with what she is owning.

Let’s see how much this girl gets from Tiktok and how she spends that amount of money!

Jannat Zubair net worth 2020

According to reports, Jannat Zubair net worth in 2020 is estimated at over $1 million, which equals to more than Rs. 7.5 crores.

Even with a Bollywood actor who has worked in the industry for years, this number is still much shocking for a 19-year-old girl like Rahmani.

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Jannat Zubair Net Worth
This girl owns an impressive net worth which is the dream goal of many celebrities.

So how did she earn this income?

There are two main sources for a TikTok star to earn their living. The first is via Livestream sessions.

TikTok has a policy of allocating up to 20% commission for TikTok users who can help them gain advertisement profits from views. Of course, this is just applicable to million-followed accounts.

Jannat Zubair Net Worth Source
Jannat Zubair has become the brand ambassador of Ubon earlier this year.

Another source is from her own endorsement contracts.

For every promotion deal, Jannat Zubair is reported to earn Rs.1 – 1.5 lakh. This is not to mention her advertisement earnings from Youtube channel where thousands of people watch her make-up tutorials daily.

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Mind-Blowing Jannat Zubair Closet

Having such amount of money, it’s understandable why Jannat Zubair owns one of the biggest closets in the country.

Jannat Zubair Closet
From casual clothes to formal dresses, Jannat Zubair has them all in her giant wardrobe.

You may hardly find her repeat a dress in event or easily notices her hairstyle changes very often.

Jannat Zubair Casual Style
Never repeat daily outfit when walking out, that's our stylist Queen!

In our previous post on Jannat Zubair Lifestyle, you can check more details on her fashion tips and makeup style. In this post, let’s spend time seeing mouth-watering photos of Jannat Zubair closet, the dream collection of every Indian girl.

Jannat Zubair Golden Dress
She loves collecting clothes of the same colour.
Jannat Zubair Modern Chic Outfit
Same long hair but never exactly similar, Jannat knows how to highlight her beauty.
Jannat Zubair Saree Closet
From simple to sophisticated, no saree design can lessen her charm.

Jannat Zubair car collection makes men go weak

Not just flaunting her flawless beauty in elegant dress, Jannat Zubair also wins men’s heart with evoking poses along with cars.

Jannat Zubair Car 1
Jannat Zubair is often seen posing along luxury cars.  

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Not sure whether this car is of her or her relatives or not, but she looks perfect if driving these automobile in ton-sur-ton outfits.

Jannat Zubair Car 2
A sporty outfit matches perfectly this Audi Q8.

Jannat Zubair often goes for sporty chic fashion style when photographing with automobiles. This makes her look fresh and dynamic when promoting a modern style of the 21st century Indian girl. She is exactly the role model for young Indians now who should develop their abilities to live independently, and confidently.

Jannat Zubair Car 4
An exotic automobile is just the background for our TikTok star beauty.

Take a look at more Jannat Zubair car pics below! Some are taken abroad, as you may notice. This girl loves traveling to broaden her horizon.

Jannat Zubair Car 6
Jannat Zubair is many times seen with a car like this, does she drive it?
Jannat Zubair Car 3
This girl can actually drive herself to schools and work places. Photo: 99images.

The next photo of Jannat Zubair driving an exotic car quickly went viral after it's leaked out on the Internet. Beautiful, charming and super confident, no men can resist this look!

Jannat Zubair Driving Car
Here's the evidence!

Though she might not be the hottest TikTok star in India, Jannat Zubair net worth and properties are the goal of many emerging TikTokers across the country.

Jannat Zubair Car 5
With such a huge net worth, Jannat Zubair can totally afford luxury cars.

With her appearance in TV series production and then probably Bollywood industry, we are sure Jannat Zubair net worth will grow bigger and bigger in the years to come. Nothing can stop this girl from earning her crores with this beauty and talent.

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