What's Special About Jannat Zubair Lifestyle That Drives Indian Teens Crazy!

Hanima Anand |Apr 20, 2020

We all know she is the real queen of Tiktok world with each post gaining million hearts. Today, let’s take a look at Jannat Zubair lifestyle to see how this girl can gain so much affection from Indian teenagers!

If you are here for a hi-fashion look, you might need to rethink as Jannat Zubair lifestyle is not that cool or glamorous. She wins our heart with her adorable appearance, pretty cutie make-up and traditional outfits. Check them all below!

Jannat Zubair Hairstyle
Jannat Zubair is considered a trend setter among Indian teenagers.

Jannat Zubair hairstyle – A typical girly look

Who doesn’t fall in love with a beautiful girl with long hair? But that doesn’t mean it is not trendy.

Jannat Zubair always knows how to make her look fresh and natural with daily hairstyles. We combine here what she likes most over the past few years for those who want to copy Jannat Zubair ki lifestyle!

  • Long hair with bangs

We bet this one is the trendiest Jannat Zubair hairstyle in 2020 when it matches perfectly with your quarantine day. Not need much time to put it in shape every morning, just comb it quickly and you’re done.

Jannat Zubair Long Hair With Bangs
The long hair with bang style is among the trendiest in 2020. Photo credit: 99images.com
  • Long bob

Another chic hairstyle from Jannat Zubair! Long bob hair seems to flatter all face shapes while it’s very easy to maintain.

Jannat Zubair Long Bob
Long bob hair flatters every face shape.

This simple Jannat Zubair hair cut can be done at almost any barber shop but you should check their previous work first as not many can do it smoothly.

Jannat Zubair Long Bob Style
You can also tie it up to have a more sporty look.
  • Natural long hair

Well, it seems easy right? But it’s not.

To maintain natural long hairstyle like Jannat, you have to take good care of your hair with moisturizer regularly. Natural long hair is also the signature Jannat Zubair daily hairstyle.

Jannat Zubair Natural Hair Style
The natural hair fits in with Jannat Zubair lifestyle.

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  • Long updo

This Jannat Zubair hairstyle definitely boosts your charm and perfectly fits a date night. Use serum to make your hair smoother then some grips to fix the updo.

Jannat Zubair Long Updo
Long updo hairstyle can go with casual clothes like this!
Jannat Zubair Lifestyle
Or a charming evening gown like this!
  • Long shag

In case the modest girl wants a bit rebellious look, long shag comes in place! This is inspired by the retro rock’n’role hairstyle of the 70s and made trendy again with the promotion of our Tiktok Queen.

Jannat Zubair Long Shag Style
When you wear a sexy red dress, go for the long shag style!

In fact, there are countless other Jannat Zubair hairstyles for your reference. You can check more on Jannat daily Instagram updates.

Jannat Zubair Long Shag Hair
Another long shag hair look with more street style clothes.

Jannat Zubair makeup - Natural but attractive

Moving to Jannat Zubair makeup, she follows the natural style with easy tips so every girl can apply. This suits the typical Jannat Zubair Rahmani lifestyle which requires no sophisticated fashion items.

Actually, you can refer to a lot of Jannat Zubair makeup tips or videos on her Youtube Channel here!

Jannat Zubair Makeup Style
A flawless natural look with slight makeup from Jannat Zubair

She guides people on a variety of makeup tutorials, ranging from daily makeup tips to party makeup for girls, etc. There are plenty things to learn from this Queen of Indian teens.

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Jannat Zubair dress - Ton-sur-ton design

Now let’s see what this girl will wear to parties or special events!

Jannat Zubair dress style is not hard to mimic. Pursuing an innocent angel image, Jannat Zubair often chooses tradition Indian dress or long dress to put on when she needs to attend events.

Jannat Zubair Dress Photos
The girl shares a special love with long traditional dress.

Most of Jannat Zubair gowns or dresses cover her entire legs and decorated with simple patterns. She loves ton-sur-ton dressing style as well. This way of dressing makes one look more fashionable while still maintaining their traditional look!

Jannat Zubair Vest
Jannat Zubair lifestyle can be summarized in this dress: elegant, modernized style of tradition and super confident.

Jannat Zubair dress design can be found at online shops on pinterest with varied range of prices.

You can self check Jannat Zubair dress photos below!

Jannat Zubair Black Dress
She prefers a plain top if wearing a patterned skirt.
Jannat Zubair Pink Dress
Sweet floral pink dress in a good match with long hair with bangs. Photo credit: 99images.com
Jannat Zubair Rahmani Sequin Dress
When you want some differences, pick a dark blue sequin dress!

Jannat Zubair outfits - Sporty chic closet

Okay, we have talked about Jannat Zubair dress, what about her casual outfits?

Pretty simple, we must say.

Jannat Zubair Casual Clothes
The Tiktok star loves plain T-shirt and jeans.

Jannat Zubair lifestyle is reflected clearly through her casual clothes which can be T-shirts with jeans or sporty overalls.

Jannat Zubair Casual Outfits
Another jean look with modernized shirt.

We can also see some tight crop-tops or floral long-sleeves but most of the time, Jannat Zubair wears comfortable simple clothes to make her feel best in daily activities.

Jannat Zubair Lifestyle 2
Jannat never lacks ideas for denim - her favorite material.

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Jannat Zubair Outfit
Sometimes, revealing a bit with crop-top is recommended.

What to conclude about Jannat Zubair lifestyle

Based on all the details we mentioned above, you can draw your own conclusion about Jannat Zubair lifestyle. If you want to follow her style, it’s kinda easy.

Just go with the most basic or natural things you have in your closet, but make sure they flaunt the best trait of your body. Jannat Zubair makeup videos on Youtube do help too to finish the look.

Good luck!

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