"Bigg Boss 13" Contestant Rashami Desai On Her Rumor Of Getting Married On The Show: "This Is A Very Stupid Rumour"

Harshini |Sep 30, 2019

There have been rumors about Bigg Boss 13 contestant Rashami Desai getting married on the show and she has recently responded to this.

TV actor Rashami Desai is one of the celebrity contestants of Bigg Boss 13, the blockbuster premiere on Sunday. She has lately addressed the speculation of her getting hitched on the program as “stupid”.

The actress is now in a relationship with model-actor Arhaan Khan. About the rumors, she commented, "I really want to know who is spreading these rumors,".

Rashami Desai

She added on, "I am a mature woman and I know how to take decisions. I don't understand why someone would do this. This is a very stupid rumor." She also shared with IANS that she would be thrilled to announce the wedding when the event actually happens. Rashami said, "It is (marriage) such a beautiful thing. If I get married, I will let people know about it in a beautiful way. I won't be committing a crime."

Previously, Rashami Desai got married to Nandish Sandhu, her co-actor in Uttaran. Later, they split ways in 2015.

Rashami Desai 1

Rashami unveiled with IANS to be having mixed feelings being a part of Bigg Boss 13. She was a bit nervous, scared and excited at the same time.

She also added that she thinks the journey of Bigg Boss 13 isn’t going to be easy. "Everyone who has been there says if you are on this show, you learn to handle your mood swings, your feelings. I feel that is an amazing thing. It makes you a stronger person.”

Bb Contestant
Bigg Boss contestants

Rashami who is not sure about being able to make lots of friends on Bigg Boss is nevertheless very anticipated to meet Salman Khan, the show’s host every week.

She said, "I am very happy and excited about meeting Salman Khan, though the sad part is I will have to wait till the weekend for him to come on the show."


Talking about the actress’s work commitment, Rashami shared that she hasn’t signed on any new work which means Bigg Boss 13 is her first and foremost priority at the moment, "I have not taken up any work commitments because I have no idea when I will come out of the house. Even if I come out as a winner, I would need a little time for myself. Once I am out, there will be a lot of media activity. Only after that, I will get back to work."

Bigg Boss 13 took off on Sunday with a grand premiere and will have its "first finale" in a month. The cult show kick-started on Sunday along with a big premiere and Bigg Boss 13's“first finale” will be out in a month.


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