So Sweet! Sidharth Came To Her House And Celebrated Shehnaaz Gill’s Birthday At Midnight

Hanima Anand |Jan 27, 2021

The most-loved television couples Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill didn’t let fans sleep last night when they had a fun and sweet birthday bash at her residence. See videos!

SidNaaz is definitely among the most popular couples of the Indian entertainment industry. Since Bigg Boss 13, whenever Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill turn up, their chemistry immediately melts the hearts of the audience.

Sidnaaz Photo
Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill are both favorite TV actors of Indians.

Shehnaaz Gill celebrates her birthday with Sidharth Shukla

Last night, when everyone is celebrating Republic Day, Shehnaaz Gill had a special birthday bash at her residence. The actress was seen wearing her pajama while Sidharth Shukla was right behind her, engaging other family members in the fun activities.

No need to explain, Shehnaaz was over the moon when seeing the birthday cake at midnight. She was extremely excited when people sang the birthday song for her. Shehnaaz then cut the birthday cake and fed Sidharth in front of all her relatives.

After that, Sidharth Shukla and another man in the house threw Shehnaaz Gill into the pool. Everyone had so much fun during the night. Even netizens couldn’t sleep watching the sweet videos of SidNaaz.

About Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla

Launching her career in 2015 with the music video Shiv Di Kitaab, Shehnaaz Gill had worked as a model for 2 years before having her Punjabi movie debut with Sat Shri Akaal England.

However, it’s not until 2019 that Shehnaaz Gill rose to stardom for attending Bigg Boss 13 where she met the TV heart-throb, Sidharth Shukla.

Shehnaaz Gill And Sidharth Shukla In Bhula Dunga
Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla often collaborated in romantic music videos.

With her fun and bold character, Shehnaaz Gill has won the hearts of all BB13 fans, emerging as the second runner-up in the show. Sidharth won the trophy and netizens started shipping them together.

Apparently, every time Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill reunite, people go crazy for their adorable manners and attachment to each other. Their latest collaboration in Shona Shona by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar is proof of their undeniable chemistry.

Sidharth Shukla And Shehnaaz Gill In Shona Shona
Their latest project Shona Shona drives fans crazy.

Should these Bigg Boss seniors form a couple, we wouldn’t be surprised when they become the most popular lovebirds of the television industry in India.

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