15 Telugu Serial Actresses Who Make Frequent Hits On Telugu Television

Hanima Anand |Dec 17, 2020

The Telugu serial actress list below includes most beautiful and outstanding females in Telugu television series. They are also the most popular Telugu serial actresses at the moment.

Unlike famous Tollywood actors who are featured in box office hits, serial stars are not widely known to the young audiences. However, this Telugu serial actress list might be very familiar with regional households who often watch TV daily.

Telugu Serial Actress Names And Photos
Top 15 Telugu serial actresses 2020

Please note that these Telugu serial actress names and photos are arranged in random order.  They are not ranked according to net worth, popularity, or beauty as each is a unique icon.

1. Preethi Asrani

The first person to open the list of Telugu serial actress is Preethi Asrani, the lead actress in 2020 Telugu film Pressure Cooker which is also her debut movie. Before that, she is a familiar face in Telugu serials. Preethi Asrani is well known for her roles in Pakkinti Ammayi (2016) on Zee Telugu and Social (2017) on Viu.

Preethi Asrani Telugu Serial Actress
Preethi Asrani has established a fan base from Telugu serials before moving to the Tollywood industry.

Asrani is a cousin of Anju Asrani who is also an actress. This girl used to participate in some Telugu movies back in 2012 as a child artist. She is currently studying at St. Ann’s College for Women.

2. Avika Gor

We must say that Avika Gor is among the most prominent in this Telugu serial actress name list.

Avika Gor Telugu Serial Actress
Avika Gor rose to fame for being a child artist in Balika Vadhu.

Born in 1997, the 23-year-old actress has had a number of successful films and soap operas under her name. Though she debuted in the popular Hindi soap opera Balika Vadhu as a child artist, Avika Gor is more popular to Telugu serial lovers in recent years.

Some of her works on Telugu television include Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta (2014 & 2019) and Sixth Sense S3 (2019).

3. Indraja

Indraja’s real name is Rajathi. She was born in 1978 in Chennai and had her Telugu film debut in Hello Brother 26 years ago.

Indraja Telugu Serial Actress
If you are a fan of Sundarakanda, Indraja must ring a bell in your mind.

The 42-year-old actress is seen most active in Telugu films though she works in Malayalam and Kannada movies as well. She has joined nearly 100 movies and television series during over 2 decades in the industry. On television, Indraja played an important role in Sundarakanda (2014-2016) soap opera on Gemini TV. Recently, people often see her more in Tollywood releases.

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4. Dubbing Janaki

This 71-year-old lady must be the oldest of our Telugu serial actress name list. Dubbing Janaki was born in 1949 and has worked in the South Indian entertainment industry since 1958. She stars in many films and serials, in either Telugu or Tamil. In recent years, despite her old age, Dubbing Janaki is still very active on the TV screen.

Dubbing Janaki Telugu Serial Actress
Dubbing Janaki has worked in the industry for 62 years.

Recently, Janaki plays grandmother roles in Pournami (2018-2019) on Gemini TV and Suryakantam (2019-2020) on Zee Telugu. Other serials feature this actress include Atho Athamma Koothuro, Sasirekha Parinayam and Shikharam.

5. Kasthuri

The next female of our Telugu serial actress name list with photo is Kasthuri. She is 48 years old, mother of two children.

Kasthuri Telugu Serial Actress
Kasthuri is often seen in Telugu serials on Star Maa channel.

Kasthuri is a versatile actress who has worked in various film industries. However, in 2020, she is mostly seen in Telugu television projects. She is playing the role of Tulasi in Intinti Gruhalakshmi on Star Maa. Kasthuri is also a participant in 2020 Telugu reality show Cash on ETV channel.

6. Sri Lakshmi

Sri Lakshmi made the first impression on the audience for her comic roles in Telugu films, but then she is gaining more attention for her performance in TV serials.

Sri Lakshmi Telugu Serial Actress
Lakshmi is associated with comedy scenes in Telugu serials.

Till now, she has many successful Telugu serials associated with her name, such as Agnipoolu (2013-2016), Asoakavanam (2014-2016) and OK Jannu (2017-2018). Her recent roles as Gayatri Devi in Mathrudevobhava or Annapurani in Roja on Gemini TV also receive critical acclaims.

7. Mounica

Mounica had her Tollywood debut in Athadu, starring opposite the rising actor Mahesh Babu. However, she is more known for her roles in Telugu TV serials.

Mounica Telugu Serial Actress
Mounica is a rising actress on Telugu television.

Some of Mounica’s series include Raktasambandham (2009), Abhishekam (2011-present), Rama Seetha and Matrudevobhava (2017).

8. Meghana Lokesh

In this Telugu serial actress list, we highly recommend you watch serials with Meghana Lokesh. The Karnataka-born actress really has a knack for acting, especially roles with complex emotions.

Meghana Lokesh Telugu Serial Actress
Meghana Lokesh has a lot more years to dominate the Telugu screen.

Meghana made a breakthrough in her career in 2018 when portraying the double roles of twins Manga and Nithya in Kalyana Vaibhogam on Zee Telugu. She continues to win our heart with Tulasi in Raktha Sambandham (2018-present). Some of her other works include Sasirekha Pariyanam (2013-2016) and Dance Jodi Dance (2018-present).

9. Preeti Nigam

Contrary to most Telugu serial actresses in this list who gain affection for their lead roles, Preeti Nigam establishes herself a secured position via her negative roles.

Preeti Nigam Telugu Serial Actress
Preeti Nigam has a natural performance and can take charge of various roles.

Her first negative role Sunila in Kasturi brought unexpected acclaim for this actress. Since then, she is specialized in portraying negative characters in many Telugu serials like Devadasu, Chandramukhi, Swathi Chinukulu or America Ammayi.

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10. Mamilla Shailaja Priya

Priya is definitely among the most popular Telugu serial actresses at the moment. The 42-year-old actress has acted in over 15 Telugu serials and shows till now.

Mamilla Shailaja Priya Telugu Serial Actress
Mamilla Shailaja Priya is very popular to Telugu households.

You can watch Priya in Kalyani (on Germini TV), Sasirekha Parinayam (on Maa TV), No.1 Kodalu (on Zee Telugu) and Chinna Kodalu (on Zee Telugu) among many serials she’s in. Priya is also very active in Tollywood films with her most recent role as Harika’s mother in Venky Mama.

11. Pallavi Ramisetty

Besides being a model, Pallavi Ramisetty is also a well-known actress in Telugu serials. Particularly, her role in Bharyamani helped Pallavi to win Nandi Awards for the best small screen actress category.

Pallavi Ramisetty Telugu Serial Actress
Pallavi is even called a serial ninja for her frequent appearance on Telugu screen.

Some of her most famous serials are Aadade Aadharam, Maate Mantramu and Attarintiki Daredi. Pallavi mostly acts in ETV series.

12. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

In fact, Varalaxmi is more active in Tamil projects but she is approaching Telugu serial audience with firm steps. She was first offered a guest appearance in the Zee5 series High Priestess in 2019. One year later, she has her own role in the anthology series Addham.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Telugu Serial Actress
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is expected to make it big with her beauty.

Varalaxmi is a stepdaughter of South Indian actress Raadhika.

13. Suhasini

Another actress that often appears in recent Telugu serials is Suhasini. She was born in 1988 in Andhra Pradesh and started acting in 2003.

Suhasini Telugu Serial Actress
Suhasini is one of the most sought-after Telugu serial actresses these days.

After working in Telugu film industries for over a decade, Suhasini switches to Telugu serials. She plays significant roles in Aparanji (2011-2013), Asta Chamma (2013-2015), and Naa Kodalu Bangaram (2017-2019). Her two 2020 projects include Girija Kalyanam on Gemini TV and Devatha on Star Maa. Especially, Suhasini also works as a producer for the former series.

14. Sujitha

Sujitha is 37 years old in 2020. She is known for many TV series in different languages such as Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

Sujitha Telugu Serial Actress
Sujitha also acts in different serials in other languages.

Sujitha’s recent roles in Telugu serials include Vadinamma, Edadugulu, Tulasi Dhalam, Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule, and Srikrishna Leelalu. She also appears as a cameo in two Star Maa serials Mounaragam and Chelleli Kapuram.

15. Premi Viswanath

The Telugu serial actress name list ends with Premi Viswanath who is portraying Deepa in the popular Star Maa serial Karthika Deepam. Before this serial, Premi mostly works in Malayalam projects, but she is moving towards Telugu market in recent years. In Gorintaku and Chelleli Kapuram of Star Maa, Premi also has a guest role as Deepa, paving the way for her to star more often in Telugu TV serials.

Premi Viswanath Telugu Serial Actress
Premi Viswanath's popularity is attached to the success of Karthika Deepam serial.

Above is Telugu serial actress name list with names and photos. Starbiz.com will continue to update more on the list.

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