"Bigg Boss 13": Asim Riaz And Shefali Bagga To Form The New Couple In The House?

Harshini |Oct 04, 2019

Looks like "Bigg Boss 13" will get a new couple in the form of contestants Shefali Bagga and Asim Riaz. Here's what we know!

Bigg Boss 13 has launched its first episodes and it seems that the show has not lost its hotness. Although the numbers have not kicked in yet, multiple occasions have taken place and have also been the center of gossips.

Some have made it on Twitter trend, including the rumor of Asim Riaz and Shefali Bagga becoming the new BB couple. The two contestants have shown mixed reactions and it is still in the mid whether they have begun from a good start. The speculation really came as a staggering piece of news for everyone.

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Every contestant is focusing on the game and doing their best in order to win their fans’ hearts. Moreover, we have seen the first expensive task yesterday and the mission went on in the episode last night.

Currently, it has been reported that Shefali Bagga and model Asim Riaz might become the newest pair of the Bigg Boss house. The truth is the whole house is attempting to make that happen.

For the unversed, Asim Riaz accepts the truth that his interest for Shefali has developed and what remains now is the problem of time. We will have to wait and see what would happen in the future episodes.

After the broadcasted episodes, Shefali has been receiving backlashes for her behaviors while doing the task. She has been slammed by netizens for nonsense demanding and creating unnecessary fights.

With the new love story gradually boiling in the house, will we be able to see these two contestants’ different sides?

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