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Leela Adwani |Sep 19, 2020

Based on the true story of a notorious gangster, Rangbaaz should be added to your must-watch movie list. Watch and Download FREE series Rangbaaz (2 seasons) right now!

When it comes to a top-notch crime action web series worth a watch, Zee5 original Rangbaaz is surely one of the first names popped into our mind, isn’t it. Directed by Bhav Dhulia, the series is based on the true story of a notorious gangster who was the most wanted criminal in Uttar Pradesh. The first season released on 22 December 2018 and season 2 started streaming 20 December one year later. Until now, the Rangbaaz web series download has still been a hot keyword on the search engines.

Rangbaaz Season 1 plot

The series takes the background in the year 1992 with a naive and innocent twenty-year-old boy Shiv Prakash (played by Saqib Saleem) who is having a happy life in Gorakhpur. His days are just studying at his university, watching out sister Shweta, and flirting with her friend. However, his life turns to a completely different chapter with a life-changing event on a fine day.

Rangbaaz season 1's official poster

An eve-teaser catcalls his sister and that angers him a lot and he proceeds to shoot that local resident. The accident caught the eyes of wily politician Ram Shankar Tiwari who then helps him and takes him to Bangkok until the police stop searching. When in Thailand, young Shiv is convinced to repay the benevolence of Tiwari by working as his henchman.

He quickly adapts to a new environment which is a murky world of crime. Shiv Prakash starts committing his first premeditated murder and makes a major makeover of a young Shiv into the country’s most wanted man Shukla. From an innocent student, he now becomes a sharp-shooter.

Years later, Skula switches his loyalty from Tewari to Chandra Bhan Singh who then teaches him how to hold his own in the dark world of crime and politics. It’s also the time when he develops his love interest in a hotel receptionist named Babita Sharma. They even plan to settle down with each other in a distant land where the law’s long arm cannot reach them.

What happens next you should watch the whole season in the Rangbaaz web series download that we are about to suggest below.

Rangbaaz season 2 – Rangbaaz Phir Se

Even though Rangbaaz Phir Se is disconnected from season 1 in terms of the story, it still carries forward the basic theme of crime.

The official poster of Rangbaaz season 2

Still based on the true story of a gangster whose name is Anandpal Singh living in Rajasthan, Rangbaaz Phir Se stars Jimmy Shergill, Sharad Kelkar, Mahima Makwana in the lead roles. Singh was the most wanted criminal in Rajasthan’s history.

The appearance of Mahima Makwana added a breath of fresh air for the whole series

Before watching Rangbaaz web series download, take a look at season 2's summary. In a nutshell, the series is set in Rajasthan and talks about a gangster named Anandpal Singh. Like the previous season, it also shows the audience how he turns into a criminal. Singh was accused of various murders and the encounter who held on him later led to nationwide protests. Anandpal’s character in the series names Amarpal who is a young man slipping through several cracks due to politics. Amarpal is robbed of his youth that ruins his life consequently.

Following the success of the previous season, Rangbaaz 2 is also another hit of Zee5 when getting a positive response from both the audiences and the critics alike.

Rangbaaz web series download

The series contains two seasons and each has 9 episodes, 18 episodes in total. If you intend to take a week to binge-watch the series, then do it. We guarantee that it’s worth your time.

Like other hot series like Paatal Lok, Money Heist, Rangbaaz is also a victim of online piracy websites. Even it’ streamed on OTT platform Zee5, the series was available for free download within a few days after its official release.

Turns out, Rangbaaz web series download versions are surfaced online. However, most of the links you have found might be dead or don’t work, you find it hard to download a high-quality version of the series. Now your problem is solved as we are here to help you.

We are NOT illegal website leaking movies/series without the permission of the makers, we just help our readers know where to get what they are looking for.

Rangbaaz Web Series Download Ft
Rangbaaz Web Series Download

Download Full Episodes of the Rangbaaz web series right now with Starbiz.com.

We recommend you watch and download the series on legal platforms to avoid further trouble as leaking copyrighted content is considered an illegal act in India. The above-mentioned version, it's from Zee5 as this streaming website allows audiences to watch and download free the series without a subscription.

We hope that you will have a good movie-watching experience with the Rangbaaz web series download version that we have already listed above.

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