BB14: Eijaz Destroyed His Most-Loved Photo Frame To Save Pavitra From Eviction, Aly Turned A Sacrifice?

Hanima Anand |Nov 11, 2020

The heat of Bigg Boss 14 is increasing when more challenging tasks are introduced to test the limit of every contestant. In the latest episode, Pavitra has to convince Eijaz to destroy his belonging to save her.

All Bigg Boss 14 contestants are now revealing their true images after a time of refraining themselves. Accordingly, the show turns more emotional with the introduction of tougher tasks.

Jasmin Bhasin Bigg Boss 14
In the Bigg Boss 14 promo video, Jasmin refused to save Rubina with her assigned sacrifice.

Pavitra said Eijaz didn't need to do it for her

In a previous episode, the couple Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were arranged a romantic date by the senior Shehnaaz Gill.  This time, they have to face a challenging task that may damage their close friendship.

To be specific, contestants are asked to sacrifice a favorite thing to save one of their friend from nomination. Eijaz Khan, if agreeing with the task, would be able to save Pavitra Punia from being evicted.

Pavitra Punia Bigg Boss 14
Though Pavitra told Eijaz that he didn't need to do so, he did it in pain.

In the teaser video, Pavitra is seen convincing Eijaz to destroy his favorite photo frame which she knew that has a lot of memories with him. While explaining for Eijaz that he might not need to sacrifice his special frame for her, Pavitra broke into tears.

Further hints also show Eijaz, after the conversation with Pavitra, comes back to his bedroom and destroys the photo frame to save his girl. Eijaz was visibly in pain while breaking his most-loved belonging though he decided to do so without hesitance.

Nikki Tamboli accused Bigg Boss of playing with emotions

Meanwhile, Jaan and Nikki are also having a rough time to choose whether to destroy their items to save the other. After being told by Jaan that she had to destroy her personal blanket to save him, Nikki was clearly shocked. She went straight to the bedroom and started crying. The bold contestant also accused Bigg Boss 14 of playing with their emotions.

Nikki Tamboli Bigg Boss 14
Do you think Nikki will give up her blanket to save Jaan?

Aly is the sacrifice?

Other sacrifice items are Rubina’s brown box and Jasmin’s dollu to save Jasmine and Aly respectively. Most surprisingly, the leaked information reports that Jasmin was asked to nominate Aly to save Rubina. What will she do to solve the puzzle?

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