Arhaan Khan Opens Up About His Relationship With Rashami Desai

Imran Asif Fazal |Feb 01, 2020

Arhaan Khan has claimed that his relationship with Desai is not fragile and they want to resolve the issue maturely.

Television actress Rashami Desai continues to make headlines with her outstanding ability to survive inside Bigg Boss house. It was rumoured that her relationship with Arhaan Khan has gone kaput. But during a conversation with an entertainment news portal, Arhaan Khan cleared the air that he will speak to Rashami after she comes out of the house. During a conversation with Devoleena inside the house, Rashami Desai had admitted that Arhaan Khan was not her type.

Arhaan Khan
Arhaan Khan is in a relationship with TV actress Rashami Desai.

After this statement netizens trolled Arhaan Khan and claimed that he had once broke the trust of Desai by hiding his previous marriage and a kid from his ex wife. Host Salman Khan during his weekend ka vaar episode had revealed that Arhaan Khan had hidden his previous marriage from Rashami. This led to a huge controversy after which Desai broke down inside the house and decided to stay away from Arhaan.

Arhaan Khan1
Recently his rumoured girlfriend was arrested in a sex racket by Mumbai police.

Arhaan Khan claimed that Rashami never said that she wanted to end the relationship with him. He requested people to not assume about his relationship status. He also said that Rashami has said that she will talk to him once she is out of the house. This is the same thing that was also told to him by Rashami. He further said that their relationship is not that fragile and they were emotionally attached to each other. It was quite evident that she broke down when Arhaan left the house after the elimination. He wants to handle the situation maturely rather than on national television. He wants people to not make a huge fuss about the situation.

The entire situation went worse when their family members got involved into the controversy. They were invited by Bigg Boss to help the couple resolve their issues but the plan was scrapped after taking a look at the situation. They however maintained that Arhaan Khan and Desai will never get married inside the Bigg Boss house.


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