Unknown Facts About Two Times Archana Puran Singh Got Married

Hanima Anand |Dec 08, 2020

Though many have heard that Parmeet Sethi was her second husband, few people know about Archana Puran Singh first marriage. Here’s what we got for you!

In the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, fans were taken aback when Archana shared that she used to hide her marriage with Parmeet Sethi for 4 years. However, little information was revealed about Archana Puran Singh first marriage.

Archana Puran Singh First Marriage
Archana used to undergo a failed marriage before meeting Parmeet Sathi.

That’s why Starbiz.com decide to trace back in time to answer who is the first Archana Puran Singh husband before she met Parmeet Sethi, as well as provide to you more information of her current family. Here we go!

Archana Puran Singh first marriage

Archana Puran was born in a Hindu family to a lawyer father and a homemaker mother. She has a sister and two brothers who remain a low-key lifestyle to avoid public attention. Archana was the only member in her family to pursue a career in the entertainment world.

Archana Puran Singh Young
Archana got married to her first husband after she worked as a model in Mumbai in 80s.

Relocated to Mumbai in 1980, Archana Puran found a job in modeling all by herself at the age of 18. She also appeared in several TV commercials to make ends meet. This reasons for her independence and perseverance.

However, the early exposure to showbiz possibly led to immature decisions, particularly Archana Puran Singh first marriage. The experience was so painful that she never wanted to mention it later. The film actress even decided to never get married one more time after her first failed marriage.

Archana Puran Singh And Govinda Young Photo
She modeled in several advertisements before acting in small roles.

No one knew exactly the time she got married to her first husband whose name was unknown either. However, as she had dated her current husband Parmeet Sethi since 1985, we could infer that Archana Puran Singh first marriage took place between 1982 and 1985 during the time she stayed in Mumbai.

Archana Puran Singh first husband could be a name in the entertainment industry whom she met when working as a model in Mumbai during 1980s. She didn't reveal his name possibly because this might affect his career as well as his current family who is unaware of their marriage in the past.

Archana Puran Singh And Husband Old Photo
People only know Parmeet Sathi as the only husband of Archana till date.

Anyway, none of the information about Archana Puran Singh first marriage was confirmed by the actress herself or her family members. Thus, we should view those speculations with a critical mind.

Archana Puran Singh marriage with Parmeet Sethi

In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, the famous actress revealed that her love story with Parmeet Sethi met objections from the latter’s family. Parmeet’s parents didn’t approve of their wedding simply because Archana was an actress.

However, Parmeet was determined to get married to her, so he came to see a priest who then asked him whether Archana was balik. He said she was even more balik than him.

Archana Puran Singh And Husband
Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sathi love story is like a Bollywood romance.

Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Sethi met the priest the next day and got married on 20 June, 1992. As they hid it from everyone, Archana even got a call from her hairdresser during the ceremony. At that time, she was shooting for Aashiq Awara. This was also the debut movie of Saif Ali Khan.

Reflecting on their hidden marriage, Archana felt herself lucky as there was no social media back then. Otherwise, they could hardly get away with it. Also sharing about their love story, Archana said she met Parmeet at a party and gradually fell in love with this gentle actor and director. Indeed, Archana Puran Singh and her husband had lived with each other for 7 years before tying the knot in 1992.

Archana Puran Singh
Archana hardly mentions her first husband as Parmeet is the only man she loves now.

Talking about Archana Puran Singh children with Parmeet Sethi, they are blessed with two beautiful sons. They are named Aaryamann Sethi and Ayushmaan Sethi. Their exact ages remain unknown to the public but Aaryamaan seems to be in his late 20s while his younger brother appears to be in the high-school period.

Here are some Archana Puran Singh family photos that are available online!

Archana Puran Singh Family Photos 1
The couple are blessed with two sons.

In fact, almost no one mentions Archana Puran Singh first marriage any more when she is having a perfect family with her husband Parmeet Sethi and their sons.

Archana Puran Singh Family Photos 2
Archana with her mother and siblings

As her fans, we had better respect her past, not spreading non-verified information about Archana Puran Singh husband or any related stories.

About Archana Puran Singh

Archana Puran Singh was born on 26 September 1962 in Uttarakhand. The 58-year-old actress had her screen debut in 1987 TV film Abhishek where she starred opposite Aditya Pancholi. However, she has actually worked in the entertainment industry since 1982 in different roles before becoming a distinguished TV presenter and film actress.

Some first Bollywood movies featuring Archana Puran Singh in small roles include Agneepath, Aashiq Awara, Shola aur Shebnam, Raja Hindustani, Baaz or Judge Mujrim. Although Archana’s talent was undeniable, she was short of a boost to get her major roles.

As a result, the audience mostly saw her in supporting roles in many Hindi films throughout the years, namely Love Story 2050, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Masti, Krrish and De Dana Dan.

Archana Puran Singh In Kapil Sharma Show
Today, Archana Puran Singh often joins TV shows as a guest, host or judge.

In recent years, Archana Puran Singh is more active in TV shows as a host or a judge. She attended a number of Comedy Circus shows as well as dancing competitions.

Putting aside the rumours and facts about Archana Puran Singh first marriage, let’s hope this veteran actress have a good health to entertain her audience in more and more years to come!

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