What You May Not Know About Renuka Shahane First Husband Before Ashutosh Rana

Hanima Anand |Sep 22, 2020

The more people hear about Renuka Shahane and Ashutosh Rana, the less they know about Renuka Shahane first husband, whom she married in the 1990s.

Renuka Shahane is a popular Bollywood actress who co-presented in Doordarshan show and also directed some regional movies but people mostly adore her for the 19-year marriage with the Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana. Fans often refer to her family as the ultimate happiness goal, however, they may not know about Renuka Shahane first husband and her failed marriage in the past.

Renuka Shahane first husband 1
The famous TV presenter used to have a short-lived marriage before meeting Ashutosh.

In this post, we do not aim to give the impression of incomplete happiness, we want to embrace the present moments of each individual. Only by knowing what one has gone through could we treasure their today versions.

Who is Renuka Shahane first husband?

Renuka Shahane director and actress was born on October 7 in 1966 to an Indian Navy father and a film critic mother. However, her parents divorced and her mother married another man but they soon went in separate ways. Renuka Shahane’s mother then began her long-term friendship with the film journalist Jerry Pinto while raising Renuka and her brother.

Renuka Shahane First Husband 2
A rare photo of Renuka Shahane at young age, before getting married to Ashutosh.

It might be due to the experiences of her mother that Renuka learnt to walk out of a marriage decisively if it didn’t fit her lifestyle. Her first marriage took place at an unknown date with a man in the industry. When she found that it failed to make her happy, Renuka decided to give it a stop.

Renuka Shahane first husband was Vijay Kenkare. He also worked in the Marathi film industry as a writer and director at the time they got married.

Renuka Shahane first husband 3
After the failed marriage with Vijay, Renuka devoted herself to work.

There was no record of Renuka Shahane first marriage date but it might be in the middle of 1990s after Renuka had worked in the industry for some years. She had her debut in the Marathi movie Hach Sunbaicha Bhau in 1990 before joining the Hindi TV Show Surabhi. Renuka and her first husband Vijay probably met each other while the actress was filming her debut film.

Though Renuka Shahane first husband and the actress both worked in the same field, they didn’t share common philosophy in marriage life. The result was they soon divorced after the wedding.

Renuka Shahane and Vijay Kenkare didn’t have any children with each other.

Renuka Shahane Ashutosh Rana Wedding Photos
Renuka got married to her current husband Rana some years after the first divorce.

Renuka Shahane marriage with Ashutosh Rana

After her failed marriage with Vijay Kenkare, Renuka Shahane focused more on her work and gained nationwide recognition for her performance. Some of her movies before getting married to Ashutosh Rana include the Telugu film Money in 1993, Hindi blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! in 1994, Marathi film Masoom 1996 and the Hindi comedy Tunnu Ki Tina in 1997.

Renuka Shahane got married to Ashutosh Rana on May 25 in 2001. The couple is blessed with two sons named Shouryaman Rana and Satyendra Rana.

Renuka Shahane Ashutosh Rana Family 1
The couple are blessed with two beautiful sons.

In the latest show of Kapil Sharma, Renuka Shahane has some sharings about how she met her current husband Ashutosh Rana.

To be specific, Renuka said she first saw Ashutosh when he was playing a transgender role in Sangharsh. At that moment, the Bollywood actress heard him saying "Main insaan nahi hu", which caught her attention immediately, but they didn't have chance to talk to each other.

Renuka Shahane Ashutosh Rana Family 2
Renuka and Ashutosh in their son's birthday party.

It was the film Jayati of Hansal Mehta that bridged them together. When filming the project, they were introduced to each other. From that time onwards, the lovebirds found similar interests in the other side. Renuka Shahane once told the press that she was always grateful for Hansal Mehta’s Jayati though the movie was not successful after that. It brought her a perfect husband till date.

Back in May this year, the couple took to their social accounts a throwback photo of their marriage 19 years ago, in which Renuka wrote “You and I…what a beautiful world…19 years ago today…love eternal”

Responding to his wife’s post, Ashutosh also posted sweet words as “You are my love requests, you are the meaning of life. You are my highest consciousness, and you are the extension of it. Forever yours, thank you from my heart.”

Two decades have passed by and no one heard about Renuka Shahane first husband. The actress didn’t intend to hide her past marriage from the public but fans only need to care about their idols’ presence. We just know at this moment, she is more than happy enjoying her life with Ashutosh Rana. And that’s enough to make our day.

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